Saturday, August 29, 2009

Modica, Sicily - Day II

Still enjoying Modica's Baroque, Gelati, Chocolate, Wine, Food and the Italian People, I can't get enough of this City, it's so beautiful! I'm planning to visit more city's all over Europe for Architecture and Scenery!

The dress is H&M, I have it for years now and wear it throughout the year!! its kind of my everlasting dress and because of its simple a-line shape and simple detailing so easy to update with different shoes, boots, bags, scarfs, coats, tights etc :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Modica, Sicily

Modica is a beautiful little city in the Mountains, not far from Ragusa, and known for its Sicilian Baroque and its Chocolate. Grotesque masks, Balconies, archways, staircases/steps in the narrow alleys and streets leading further up the city,

In the scorching heat a lot of gelati, afternoons with my nose in the Modica Choclate and in the evening it was waiting to get a seat at the over crowded restaurants and soooooo worth it... oh Sicilian food :) although I have to admit that for two days I had "pizza chips" for dinner; "tomato, cheese, origano and.... french fries"... seriously... on top of the pizza and it was damn tasty!

Baroque is something I will start looking at for Inspiration, I can write hours about Baroque Architecture but I will spare you all :), I just feel its something worth fashion wise to dig a bit deeper into... again...

The dress is Marc by Marc Jacobs, and the heels Zara, I think they are super comfi, I climbed about 1000 stairs/steps up on them, on these old city pavements with no problems, the stairs and hills down was well... let's just say I'm happy I didn't rolled all the way down :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Looking out over the Mediterranean sea, on top of a hill rises the Acropolis and its ruins overgrown with high rising grass and whey,
Our hotel was about 2 minutes from the beach and 10 minutes from the Archaeological Park,
on the beach you could see the ruins from the temples, and from the temples, (all Doric order)... well the view was magical!

This Greek colony dates from somewhere 650 BC, for a few centuries it was a powerful prosperity before it was wiped of the map by the Carthaginians and earthquakes, not until the 19th century was Temple E re-erected in this -by then- desolate ancient city.

I'm wearing a white eyelet skirt with an H&M slip dress,
Faux leather skirt, Antonio Madras silk top, Zara gladiator sandals

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