Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Wall

I kind of had a Layer fiesta today, I actually deceided what to wear by pulling out these mouse gray tights and grabt everything gray and light blue laying around to match the tights,
Thats the best thing about the weather getting colder, you can pile on stuff like crazy :)

3.1 sample Phillip Lim dress, Gray cardigan, belted, pulled and draped the cardigan over the belt, H&M studded jean jacket, gray tights, black socks, nine west wedges,

e voila ;)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mirror Heels

So I have been craving some mirror reflecting heels for a while now, like the Acne Atacoma, but don't have a spare $598.00. This trend is all about the wedge/heel/platform being metallic,

so I started searching on a metallic/silver wedge, I found Michael Kors Platforms with a silver heel for $98
but where I really found my luck was on ebay where I found these Nine West wedges for $21.99,
I had to wait like 2 or maybe 3 weeks for them so no instant gratification, but no complaints here:)
It's always good to try to find your luck on Ebay first!!

For me this is the best thing about trends and fashion, for me its all about seeing a trend and analysing this, what makes it a trend? in this case its all about the heel being metallic so with that information I started a search on finding an item that would translate this,

I spent the whole weekend making lace embellished necklaces that I have put up for sale in
my Etsy store

I'm wearing Nine West wedges, men's oversized shirt, vintage fur coat, vintage fringe purse

Thursday, September 24, 2009

cat and the hat

I actually can't remember where and when I found this vintage suede fringe jacket, I forgot I had it??? Too strange? I know when I did my Intern ship in Berlin a few years ago I shopt a lot of vintage, there you could find amazing things for really good prizes, I think I must have gotten the fur coat there too... I'm having a vintage steal blackout or something? I start to forget the best vintage spots???

The tights are a flea market steal, there was a whole pile of really old tights, still in its package and with amazing hues, they were like 20 cents a piece, mouse gray, lilac gray, elephant gray, you name it, so now I have like 10 different shades of gray tights :)

The fur hat is another vintage riddle? no idea when and where I got it? :/

And as for shopping.... I'm broke as a bum so ofcourse I'm lusting and drooling over like a zillion items while when I have money in my pocket I never seem to find anything I like, figures...

So bare with me while I'm drooling over shopbop's
30 - 70% off Marc Jacobs, C&C California, James Perse & More!
sale, Superfine side stripe skinny jeans, a Rachel Pally agness dress and most of all A Vanessa Bruno top on sale for $260.50... aaaarghhhh, and a lot of romantic slip dresses and black sophisticated rompers and a gray long dress (splendid) very similar to the one I always wear..... where is my birthday when I need it? :/ :/ :/

to make things worst... these Frye Deborah Studded Boots are Aaaaamazing, but even when I'm not broke the prize would be a bit out of my league,
$648.00, then again I wear my fry's always so its a must to invest in some boots that you can wear forever and in all seasons, with jeans, summer slips, fur, these studs are so fine and multi colored so a DIY seems really hard to pull off... Maybe you can find similar plain boots on Ebay and still work out a way to work the studs?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

DIY slashed Levi's

I slashed both front and back of this Levi's 501, Every now and then I spent some time fine-tuning the jeans by pulling out threads to give it a more ravaged look but lazy as I am, I will let time and the Landromat do the rest of the work...

I'm wearing a H&M lace tank Alexander Wang Blazer, DIY slashed Levi's, Biker Boots


There is a Chicdowntown give away on le blog de sushi

and at DKNY International you can upload photo's for a chance to win $2000 and a weekly prize of $300 for voting looks you like, like...uhhh my look :)
DKNY Break The Rules campaign

Thursday, September 17, 2009

through a veil

I will head back to New York soon but I'm dreaming about next travels already, I figured its time to visit my Scandinavian neighbours :) I have been wanting to go up North for a while now, as well as making my return to Italy and Spain, I really want to plant a job in Italy or Spain next! But we will see, I never really plan things, I somehow always end up in places, like with New York :)

I'm wearing my Granny's Vintage Coat, H&M slip dress, DIY vintage lace embellished mesh dress, Biker Boots, NeedShoesNow cotton tote

10% Off Vintage Fashion

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Any order at ModCloth!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Enjoying "nice" Dutch weather..... :/

Funny is....., Rain here is not by far as severe as in New York, I mean, I don't take Dutch rain serious, its like little splatters compared with the monsoons I have had this past year in the city, also, when it stops raining here you won''t find any trace of it, kind of weird, no puddles, just a bit moist, like it almost always seems to be, In New York on the other hand, you will see after every little shower massive puddles, flood like almost...
Then again, It always seems to be cloudy over here, and I can't say I have missed the clouds!

I am wearing an Alexander Wang blazer, UA liquid leggings, My Mom's sweater (thanks Mom), Club Monaco Scarf, Jeffrey Campbell Ann Lace-up boots.

you can find similar lace up boots from Free People

I am drooling over these Siwy Jeans with mesh panel, I actually bumpt into them when I was browsing around looking for jeans with leather panels! But how drool worthly are these? efen, they are a bit pricy ($242) so I have to think about it.... but you can find them

Friday, September 11, 2009


I was looking through my old collections - I'm a fashion designer- and upon getting a (steady 9-5) job offer in New York, I was busy and on my way getting myself out there as a designer,

bc New York I was always hussling haha, dropping off clothing with stylists and photographers for magazine publications, doing styling gigs myself, I loved it but was also affraid to be honest, I was never a shark, was too shy, I'm still too shy actually... so when I got the job offer it was easy, I was in New York, had a steady job, no stress and was doing what I loved, and yes... I burried my big dreams a bit.....

Strangly enough, I never thought I would pick up on Designing again, I did think a lot about it, I mean... seeing my college friends planting jobs at Balmain!! boy, did I feel stupid for having not persuid the oppurtunities back then!! But I was shopping shoes non stop so no complaints there :)

And then, on a blue moon I made those embellished tights, for fun and myself, all of the sudden after 4 years I made something again, and I never expected those little basterds to make their little way to even

and actually designing again hahaSo here I am back home in Europe for a bit going through all my sketches, drawings and designs, I don't think I will ever be a buisness person though, when I design I'm so busy making the "perfect" garments and concept that my mind is far from manufactoring and production let alone selling, but I love doing it....

I'm wearing a hand dyed silk straped and draped top, a gray leather with swarovski embellished skirt (both designed by me) An Alexander Wang blazer ( tucked in the skirt ) Zara boots



I found these suede peep toe lace-up's (Ann Demeulemeester knock off's) at freepeople, you can find them HERE FOR $198

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Purple Hills

An endless sight of Purple Hills.......

I'm having fun layering and playing with fall-like hues,
I'm wearing an H&M dress, my moms cardigan, wolford thigh highs and Jeffrey Campbell lace-ups,

The fur coat from my last post was a thrift find, barely 20 dollars, I will see if I find more...
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