Friday, October 30, 2009

when in doubt....

..... wear jeans

I like to play with wearing all-jeans outfits and I love setting different washes and colors of denim against each other!

I also wanted to share some of my inspiration in everything, in fashion, photography and attitude... the documentary "Dogtown and Z-boys" Man, Jay Adams is my hero :)

photos taken by jamieonderdonk | studios

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I always see you

Yes, there will be a Christopher Kane hoodie overkill on this blog.... sorry :)
It's just so easy to crawl into and to toss over everything, and I just love to play with it, love to play with the zippers on the side, the little mirrors, its also quite a heavy garment and sometimes I actually like that? weird right? Sometimes I don't like to feel my clothing, I like it to be airy and light and sometimes I actually do like to feel my clothing? that its heavy and weighing me down???

This dress is also a regular :) Its airy and transparent and very important... has pockets!!! a detail so subtle that it took me actually a while before I noticed it!! :)

The hoodie is Christopher Kane for topshop, the dress 3.1 Phillip Lim, Leggings H&M, Frye boots;

Sunday, October 25, 2009

adding some serious blue

Had some serious lack of sleep today, met up with my friend Gemma who had enjoyed her Saturday night a bit to much too so we had a real slow day hanging out at Brooklyn :) trust me, real slow!

At the designers market I bumped into low cowboy "shoes" or "boots" (they are so low they arn't boots anymore) in my size!!! I had been chasing after those for a few months!! missed out on every ebay bid, vintage stores never had the right colors and here they were! and now they are mine mine mine :)

As for the outfit, I felt I was torturing you guy's with my black and white outfits, so I decided to add some color, not much... a little :)

The cardigan with ruffle details is from jeanasis, Marble Jeans from Urban Outfitters, Wedges from Jeffrey campbell, Gloves from H&M


Thursday, October 22, 2009

black dress and "pixie" boot wedge

The knitted sequined maxi dress is a thrift find, and yeah right up my alley with my black, sequined, mirroring obsession lately! I love the length, I will have so much fun layering this baby, I can tell you right now :) I also love playing around with the different textures in an all black outfit, I would really like to have this Alexander Wang Coco Duffel bag though, to spice up an all black outfit,

And these are the wedges I was looking all over for, they are a Jeffrey Campbell exclusive for LFstores (the "pixie" wedge boot) its black suede with an exposed zipper in the back, I really loved the tick bootie too but this one caught my heart :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Stripes and Christopher Kane

Today was kind of a crazy day, I'm totally beat!!

I went to meet Amanda again and decided to show her Top Shop, bad move on my part cause I really really should NOT shop, really!

Everything went fine, until we reached the Christopher Kane for Top Shop..... :/

I had seen it on the Internet and yeah it was cool but nothing that made me roll over and die, well until now that is, I loved it, Loved the leggings, Loved the dress, Loved the crocodile, and then somewhere hidden away.... the hoodie, I tried a lot and figured it were things I would wear ones, twice, few times.... but the hoodie.... I will wear it until I die!

So after we went for some refreshments, feeling terrible guilty about my splurge, I went for a smoke... In the sun, I suddenly see all around me these little dots of reflections, moving, like a disco ball, magical!!! It was the freakin' hoodie!! the little mirrors on it! I could actually aim for the eyes of people walking by and blind them, best thing ever! Trust me I will never ever get bored again and can do some evil in the meantime :) thanks hoodie :)

I'm wearing everything Zara and christopher Kane for Top Shop

photo's by Amanda and Citizen Couture

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I've got a very nice surprise in the mail; this Stylestalker Peplum Studded Top from NastyGal:) I was secretly eying a body-con-ish top/dress for a while, something to spice things up a bit, but I was never sure about how it would work out for me since I don't have curves!! :( but it actually turned out to acenturate towards a more femine silhouette!! sweeeet, man and the top is so versitile, It looks great with leggings, mini skirts, everything, but you will see that in another outfit post soon haha :) I got my hair high-lighted again, and the best thing about that?... I have very fine/thin/sleek hair and with dying/coloring it will actually damage my hair, creating more texture and with that my fuzzy bed hair, no I dont use any other products, just a shampoo that doesnt weight down my hair a lot (so no damage controle stuff and no die-hard conditioners)

I'm wearing a Stylestalker top, H&M white jeans (now on sale for $10), Zara sequined motorcycle jacket, Aldo wedges

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Leopard Legs

I'm having a bit of a Leopard Craze,
these tights are Roberto Cavalli for H&M but H&M has some recent leopard tights in stores right now too as wel as a slightly fuzzy
Leopard hat that I saw there today, and yes, I'm so going for it, you will see me running back to the H&M tomorrow

LFstores has some real crazy leopard platform wedges similar to the Ashish for topshop wedge
, hmmmmm delicious but I already found some other leopard wedges on Ebay :) and talking about the LFstores... LF Soho (149 Spring Street New York, NY 10012) 212.966.5889 was able to track down the Jeffrey Campbell "pixie" and the "tick" bootie in my size!!! So if anyone else is still lusting after them I would give them a call :)

The leather skirt is H&M divided exclusive (last year) and the top is H&M too, the studded booties are loub knock off's from

Monday, October 12, 2009

hoofing around

Today I met up with Amanda from the blog accessory of crime, who is visiting New York all the way from New Zealand, one of my best friends; Celia ( on the photos ) came to meet us in the Meatpacking where we took some pics, after that we headed down to Nolita for some foodies at Rice and hoofed around Soho for a bit. Do I need to say that Celia has the best hair ever??? :) I have been looking all over New York for LFstores exclusive Jeffrey Campbell "pixie" platform wedge bootie and Jeffrey Campbell's "Tick" Platform wedge, with no luck!!! My size sold out!!!

F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck!!!!! whats the point of living in new York while you can't get your hands on the shoes you crave??!!! :)

So I pulled out my Alaia Wedges that I got at a consignment store a while back and actually costed me less bucks then the jeffrey campbell's would have been. So it will be the Alaia's with socks pretending to be ankle booties :/

Photos by Amanda

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