Sunday, November 29, 2009

roses in fall

When I saw this Rose print, I was in love... (that's what roses are supposed to do,no?)
I can't wait for spring to wear it with my white docs or maybe just some amazing heels, but for fall I'm mixing it with tights, cardi's massive scarfs just cause i can't wait for Spring...

I don't know why but somehow today I bothered to put some blush and lipstick on on??? I'm not sure if you guys see it haha, just a fluff of pink, normally it's just foundation and mascara

This print kind of reminds me of my favorite scent; Stila's Creme Bouquet, The blush and Foundation are Stila too, ( I often shift foundations between Stila and Bare Minerals ) and the lipstick is Givenchy.

The Rose bodycon dress is from Ebay, justin roper boots from Ebay too, black hearts
pantyhose from american apparel ,Socks H&M and the coat is just old :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

the bow

photos by Maya Villiger from

The creamy pink socks are actually leggings from the H&M that I cut off! The difference is that when you cut them off yourself you can choose at what hight to cut them off, and when like me, you choose to cut them off high as possible you can make them slouch down, giving the socks a very nonchelant powdered and beddy look istead of the more "strickt" and "sophisticated" look the most black thigh high socks have.

The Sweater is a Navy blue vintage steal from Ebay, the bow and sweater are embellished with little creme colored pearls, too cute, and too comfortable, I noticed that I started to move away a bit from black and collect more and more Navy, like my boots, and I love setting Navy Blue against soft pink,

Monday, November 23, 2009

reworked kimono

Tommy and Roy from Alter Brooklyn always have the best vintage and reworked vintage pieces, and its quite hard to get your hands on them because they sell so quickly!!

This is a reworked Kimono, a peachy-taupe silk crepe, set against a lace band... the texture of the silk is amazing and I'm so sorry it didn't came out on the photo but I'm pretty darn sure I will wear this dress a lot so you will see it flying by on the blog a lot haha :)

I have no idea who made the dress but I have the funny feeling he or she prob made a whole series out of reworked Kimono's, just a feeling I have...

oh... and Tommy is my biggest gay Crush ever! haha, I just had to spill that out, actually if I ever get married I will marry both Tommy and Roy, hmmmm a Polygamy Gay marriage, hows that for New York politics? :) :)

Friday, November 20, 2009


photography accessory of crime

Brooklyn Thrift shopping can be unpredictably good, I only saw a little whip of this print on a hanger and I didn't even cared what the item would be like, dress, tee, it was all good, So when I noticed that this print was part of a cropped slouchy tee I was sold, man was I even more sold when I looked at the price tag, you know how horrible it is when you fall in love with something and flip the tag only to see triple digits?!? not this one! The tee was about 12.95 dollars!! oh and with that, every new Yorker must now know where I bought it; I mean; in which Brooklyn 2nd hand store they price almost everything at 12.95? :) :)

sequined dress; vintage, boots; Jeffrey Campbell for LFstores

Monday, November 16, 2009

sweatin' it

photography citizen couture

Oh yes, sweatpants
Oh, yes sweatshirt too,

I spent today strolling around Tribeca with Jason from citizen couture , he explained me a bit more about my camera settings; thank you, thank you, thank you :)

The Sweatpants are Vanessa Bruno, I bought them a few years ago in Le Bon Marche, Paris, where I was sent by the company I worked for to buy samples, some of them I just couldn't turn in :) and some of them I just had to acquire back later :) :)

The sweatshirt is Viktor&Rolf for H&M, the heart had actually embellishments all over it and I spent hours to take it off, so you could to see the tailoring!!

I remember (working for the same company) I had been sceaming a plan to skip work for a few hours in the morning to go to the Viktor&Rolf for H&M, my plan was to tell them I was stepping out for fabric shopping, first thing I did wrong was coming on time, cause I'm always late, second thing what went wrong was my two coworkers who were ready to go out for actual... yes.... fabric shopping :/ so I convinced them to come with me, I never forget us sneaking back in at the office hiding those bags :) that were some really good times! Same company had dress-codes???!!!! yes, a Fashion Company with dress codes??!! We had too much fun bending those rules too!! :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Fall is perfect for layers, soft pinks, browns and copper tones, cozy knits, over sized scarfs and .... wrap blankets scarf capelets or how ever you should call this blanket thing?? maybe scarf capelet? wrap blanket? bum couture? bum couture it is...

Its just so comfi and cozy, I love it, I combined it with my Vanessa Bruno soft pink leggings, a cut-out decorated sweater from 3.1 Phillip Lim, H&M copper tone skirt and thrifted low cowboy shoes, and oh.... a itsietitsiebitsie drip of dark/navy blue nailpolish.

Also, I got another feature in Vogue Girl Korea!!! (november issue) about fur, other bloggers featured are Gillofilippa, Mmaris and Bohemian Musings

photos by
Maya Villiger from

Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm slowly changing into a bouquet

I met up with Lorena of fashion jolik who was visiting New york from Peru, we had some chats and lunch in Nolita and took some nice blog shoots :) I always love meeting other bloggers!

This is another "Ebay" Floral dress find, $15!! The length of the dress was over/on the knee so I shortened it a little and I might use some of the left-over fabrics to modify the dress a bit more, a simple change like changing the hemline can completely update an look! Scissors man, gotta love scissors :)

Zara white blazer, Ebay floral dress, H&M scarf and hat, Rooper boots, Nasty Gal canvas tote

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rosary Crucifix Cross

I am really picky and funny when it comes to jewelry, and I'm embellish happy so most of my jewelry ends up being sewed on to something :)

So when I got an email from Tara from Leviticus jewelry I didn't expected much, but boy did my heart started to make little back flips by seeing her stuff, really awesome and worn by peeps like Leigh Lezark, from the Misshapes!
I loved it and especially this
Like a virgin cross necklace!!!!

I had been looking all over for a rosary or crucifix without any luck so this came as a gift from... well... heaven?

I thought and I still think that you guys maybe will like their body harnesses better??? I'm not sure though but I bet their is enough there to eat your heart out, so the coupon code will get you guys 20% off of your entire order, Coupon Code: cocorosa

Leviticus Jewelry
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