Wednesday, December 30, 2009

White Rabbit

Almost New year's Eve! I hope everyone will have a great evening and most of all a promising and happy 2010!!

I have no idea yet what I will be doing tomorrow night, I'm always a last minute gal :)
I actually have no idea yet what I will be doing in 2010 haha :) I will start the New Year with a new trip to a new city and a collaboration!! :) I'm really exited about that :) and soooooon you guys will see everything about it :) for the rest of the year... I always go with the flow :)

I have always had my little mono-color uniforms, kind of weird actually.... I do like to toss in different textures... This is my vintage Rabbit white fur-coat, its really falling apart, I leave a trail of shedding hairs and it has some pretty big cabs :/ The dress is from Ebay ($9.95) a the tights are from Wolford, the low-cowboy boots are thrifted (Williamsburg-Brooklyn, some designers/vintage market)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shimmer Shimmer

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I had two days of loads of foodies, family and movies (we always watch the "lords of the rings" since that's the only movie we all agree on, and we always piss each other off by fighting over fast-forwarding the "frodo" parts),

we didn't had any presents did year though :( (I guess they figured that it was not worth selling the house for Alexander McQueens hoofs hehe) honestly... I think we stopped doing presents after we all knew too damn well what we wanted and the fun of surprising was gone plus adding that I couldn't make it from New York to Europe a few years ( that was a big boohoo.. ) and had to shatter the family by being really sad on the phone so at least moms would come to me haha

I'm wearing my
new TERRANCE SULLIVAN ‘black betty zip’ Jeans! These jeans are pretty amazingly tailored (inside seam bias) the fabric is a nice heavy black cotton and the zippers are placed perfectly!!
and this is the same shimmer Zara jacket that I wore here and here

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas - Joyeux Noël - Feliz Navidad

I wish you all a Happy Christmas!!!
( in Dutch; Gelukkig Kerstfeest )

I'm wearing an American Apparel Floral Lace Unitard , Humanoid Lace maxi dress, American Apparel Jersey Long Sleeve Mini Dress, Alexander Wang blazer, Leather Jacket, Zara booties.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

DIY lace corset belt

I have been lusting a corset belt for a while, especially after seeing the leather ones at the Alexander Wang collection, but somehow I started playing around with different textures and materials to see what it would add to an outfit.. I really want to try some more in different prints and textures, or just make a knitted wrap? to see what happens and of course I still want the real deal in leather :)

Few more days before Christmas!! I can't wait :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

rings over gloves

It's still snowing like crazy and it got colder too!!
I decided to wear my rings over the gloves for a bit of fun and to play with the patterns and textures of the lace dress and the buttons of my vintage (grandma's) fur coat..

for the rest it was bulking up haha, I put on a knitted hat pure a warmth decision since the last time my hair really got wet and frosty and pulled this knitted band over it, for a sec I thought about taking them of for the photo but they were just too comfortable and no way I wanted my ears to freeze off (again)!!

So I thought I had everything in check for the weather... gloves, hat, very warm coat, under the lace dress an American Apparel dress and a slip dress, warm tights, and these forever21 sneakers (waterproof).... Wrong!!! guess what??!! the first step I take outside the door, that first second, I sink in the snow, can't see my bloody feet anymore!! snow in shoes. wet. feet.
But no complains here, it figured, before I had freezing hands, then wet hair so yeah now frozen feet :)

I'm wearing; vintage fur coat, H&M hats, gloves and tights, Peter Som Lace dress, Forever21 shoes, American Apparel dress,

Thursday, December 17, 2009

snow play

First day of snow!!!

I had too much fun playing around and was happy to be able to snug into my grandmothers vintage fur coat afterward, this baby is heavy duty cold and snow proof :) I should have put on a hat because I came home with kind of frozen dreadlocks :/ I had to defreeze me and my hair with some serious hot chocolate and whipped cream!

I pulled out the white Dr. Martens again!, they finally stopped hurting!!! :) (remember, they used to torture my feet so much, in this post here ) I actually used a special spray to soften the leather which really did the trick and wore a vintage dress and white tights with it.

ohhh I just love snow :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

winter dreams

I got a nice surprise in the mail from Need Supply!! I received this Maurie and Eve woolen jumper. The jumper is super comfi and warm and the print is awesome, I really love the Maurie and Eve designs!

The fur coat is Vintage, I wore it before in this post here, the woolen tights are from Wolford, I think it's some wool/cashmere blend, very soft and delicate. And boy, this was really the last time I left my house without gloves! too cold! I really need to find good* (*meaning cute) gloves and a hat because its really freeeeeezing!

shoes; Jeffrey Campbell "pixie" boot
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