Sunday, January 31, 2010


I Really couldn't resist this Rucksack, Love at first sight ;)
I went out to face the cold layering it up (again) I'm really into blushes and nudes and played it up with a slight accent of yellow (my new color obsession = nudes+yellow) Only problem is that I don't have anything yellow :/ so I played with a tiny gold belt and the gold details in the rucksack plus I snatched my mothers yellow cardigan.

wearing; Vanessa Bruno light pink/blush leggings, H&M diy thigh high socks (cut-off leggings), 3.1 Phillip Lim blouse, Vintage dress from Alter Brooklyn, Vintage gold belt, All Saints Boots
, Vintage Fur Coat, Topshop Tassle Rucksack

hope everyone had a nice weekend!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

There's nothing wrong with a good pair of bunny ears.....

It's the end of the month... your broke, about 15 bucks left... so what do you do? yes, you buy bunny-ears???!!! well bunny-ear/bows, man, these are hilarious!! love them so much! I totally horrified the cats though...

I was looking for Shoesies like these for a while now, I wanted something simple with a slight masculine touch but nothing too trendy, I was sold when I saw the zipper on the side.

The tights are from Asos, I had them slopping around for a few months now and the "ears" were just asking for something black and white, the dress is a vintage Ebay find that I wore ages ago in one of my first posts seen Here ...

"bunny-ears"; TopShop, Two-tone tights; Asos, Shoesies, Dress; Vintage.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Soft Pinks and Nudes

Today I kind of had a nostalgic mood, I felt like dressing into something light, airy, sheer and in soft powdery nuances..

I went for a light nude/pink naf naf dress that I belted with the tiniest gold belt and wear a TopShop sequined mesh vest over it, I got this vest maybe two weeks ago in TopShop but I couldn't find it on their site to link it, this vest has the perfect antique/vintage feel to it and is so perfect for layering and I love it peeping out under a fur coat or leather jacket, was way too pricey though... I finished the look with slouchy thigh high's (actually these are leggings that I just cut off) and my Studded Wedge Boots

TopShop sequined mesh vest, Naf Naf dress, diy thigh high socks, vintage gold belt, Where Studded Boots, Momo the cat.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Simple Life

I had a great "outdoorsy" weekend, a lot of layering and crazy pattern-mixing, and met a new 4 legged friend who was particularly fond of the Alexander Wang blazer (tried to eat the blazer :), a Horse with good taste I say,

Outfit one is a mix of my American Archive's Floral Romper with my topshop dotted ruffle blouse, just left the buttons of the romper open so the blouse would peep out, added gray tights, socks, cardi, blazer and boots.

Outfit two is a real layer galore, I wear a shirt dress with a cardigan under it and over it another dress together with my new Leather bag, and Where Studded Boots, I'm really into wearing cardigans and sweaters under my (mostly sleeveless) dresses lately!!

Alexander Wang blazer, Topshop floral cardigan, Topshop dotted ruffle blouse,
American Archive Floral Romper, TopShop heart socks, All Saints boots,, vintage green leather gloves, vintage dress, Where Leather bag, Where Studded Boots,

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winter Whites

I'm Totally into Winter Whites!! I started to replace the black tights for white tights, I just got sooo sick of the black tights I guess...

and I love to play with soft creamy colors and pastels in different prints and no need to say that I like to top it all off with rough boots or wedges.. so sorry for the boot overkill lately but I just love them so much haha, same with the faux fur, this thing is just too comfi :)

As for the Jeffrey Campbell pixie wedge boot I wore in my previous post, I have a size 36 or US6 and wear them in a US6 and fit perfectly, don't run small at all, these All Saints boots are a size 37 though because I really wanted a chunky/slouchy fit....

I just discovered that they still have the Jeffrey Campbell tick wedge bootie on (good alternative for the pixie wedge)

Queens Wardrobe Faux fur knit, TopShop dot tutu, Topshop sequined jacket, Zara blouse, All Saints boots.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Big Pink Hearts

I woke up to see the world lingering in a big moist blanket of grays and blues... I hadn't seen Mist like this in a long time plus add with that the fact that its Monday... I just wanted to dive right back in bed!

I decided to not let the weather having its way with me and pulled out my TopShop Large Heart Tights to make me happy, I'm sooooo bugged I missed these Emilio Cavallini Heart Tights .... (I'm trying to find them everywhere) Wearing my Jeffrey Campbell Pixie wedge boots, vintage tutu dress and Queens Wardrobe Shag fur coat.

Shag Fur coat;
Queens Wardrobe, TopShop Heart Tights, Jeffrey Campbell Pixie wedge boots

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Scarlet Room

I got this dress from the The Scarlet Room, A very cute online store based in Singapore,

This gray hooded dress is genius!!, I love the color, a perfect shade of gray and the silky like material, you can wear the dress in like a million ways!, and it has this big collar/hood, you can let the dress drape a long or tie it to the front or back, I'm really totally mad about this dress, I think the gray dress might be sold out already but they still have it in Black or White here and here, I'm really thinking about getting the dress in black too cause the dress is only about $21 dollars or about 15 euros :) :)

The Shaggy faux fur is from Queens Wardrobe
I think it might be out of stock also.... it was going really fast...

Shaggy Fur coat;
Queens Wardrobe Gray drape dress; The Scarlet Room, boots; All Saints

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

queens wardrobe

I was totally stoked when I received a parcel from Queens Wardrobe with this dress. I have a lot of white dresses but they are all lace or a-line and I really wanted something chiffon, easy to style, layer and wear. They really have amazing stuff! Blogger Alice Point is totally rocking their leopard cardi over here, damn, me want that cardi so badly :)

I was walking on Bricklane (London) and bumbed into a store having a lot of similar items (like the A-wang duffel knock off) but for double the price and ehhh make that double the price in pounds so thats actually about triple the price in dollars, no? I'm really eying these buckle boots I have been looking for them for ages and I think the silhouette of the boot is perfect, no?

I just had to share some more London pics, I'm still sorting out a lot of photos, but this is truly my dream lunch :)

TopShop Sequined Jacket, Queens Wardrobe dress, All Saints boots

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