Friday, February 26, 2010

Too Cool for School

Something to kick-start your weekend with ;)
"Die Antwoord" I love them!! and Yolandi Visser's style is killing it!! <3 <3

(Thanks to
Rackk and ruin for remembering)

and you can still enter the Lace Dress Give-Away

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lace Dress Give-Away

will be giving away one of these white lace dresses in a size small to one lucky reader!!

The Give-Away will be open for 7 days and is open to everyone and everywhere. The dress will be shipped from the U.K to any destination.

To enter the give away simply comment the give away post stating;

1, Your favorite item currently in store & what you would style it with.

2, Your Name

3, Your contact Email address or if I can find your email at your blog an link to your blog.

The Give Away is for the "Olivia White Lace Dress" in size Small. Measurements are as follows:
Length - 32inches
Bust - 16-17inches
Sleeve Length - 21inches

Good Luck :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ditsy Florals, Socks and Flats

A floral mash up once again :) The sheer ditsy flower top is from Zara, I found it on sale a few seasons ago and the Saloon Floral Shorts are TopShop, I was playing with different shoes, the socks with the Chloe chunky platforms are an obvious choice to go with but what really sparked my interest (experimenting wise) was playing with the idea of wearing socks with flats,

I just digged out these Marc Jacobs floral flats, I haven't wore them in ages, it kind of adds a nerdy/girly twist to it which I like and I'm so going to overkill this idea by finding these really "wrong" white ankle socks with a childlike ruffle to it, I think it will be fun with shorts and dresses... so knee high socks slouched down with chunky platforms and clogs and childlike ankle socks with flats and oxfords...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cut-off Floral Jeans

I stepped out (buying Harry Potter movies) wearing my new TopShop Rose cut-off Jeans, since its not nearly close to Spring I wear them with black tights, cropped top, cardigan, boyfriend-fit blazer and my all saints boots.

I really love the color and print but honestly I'm not sure how, if ever, I will wear them without tights... these cut-offs are high waisted and hotpant-cut and while I tried to pull them down as much as possible it still won't be covering your whole tush!! and I don't even have much of a tush!

My inititial plan was to wear them in Spring/Summer with socks and platforms/clogs or with doc Martens (always a save bet) ohhhh I just can't wait for Spring.. I still need to find myself some awesome striped tees!! :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

loud tee's

I'm wearing my old Guns n' Roses tee, I forgot it had it!! nothing beats some good loud tees. I just ordered some tees from TopShop, I can't wait for them to come in!

I'm wearing an American Apparel dress under the tee, some tights, thigh high socks, forever21 platform lace-ups and vintage fur coat, god this coat is nice and warm :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

V day

Happy Valentine's day everyone, as we speak I'm stuffing myself with lots of Chocolate, curled up on the coach while having a movie marathon :) perfect :)

I was actually clueless what to wear stepping out, Sunday is after all my lazy day, I was initially wearing these "flare" jeans with my Topshop sailor top, perfect combination but ... no coat that would go with it :/ I somehow miss a perfect navy coat... so then I just grabbed whatever...

I bought this John Galliano top for $45 in a consignment store!! a steal although it took me quite some time to figure out how to wear it :)

The trench is from the H&M, I think I ones bought it having job interviews in mind, its scary to see how easily a trench can make a whole look more sophisticated/fresh/clean..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

silhouette and proportion play

Today I really felt like going for an elongated silhouette, soft colors, lots of layers, socks and chunky heels. I love "funny" proportions in clothing... :)

I'm wearing about three vintage slips on top of each-other, a peachy oversized mohair jumper dress I found in a consignment store (Tokio7, east village, NY) a vintage (?) ruffle coat from Beacon's Closet (Brooklyn, NY) and Chloe chunky platforms (also from Tokio7)

I came home and heard the news about Alexander McQueen, I'm so devastated, to me, he was one of the few designers that gave Fashion a pulse, I always completely indulged in the visuals of his creations... :(

Monday, February 8, 2010

socks and platforms

Still freaking cold :(

I have been on a massive sock hunt lately, looking all over the place for knee high socks or over-knee's that I can slouch down, getting ready for Spring but decided to play with it already :) Honestly I haven't found any exiting socks yet, these are old H&M socks, I was googling Missoni, hoping they would have some jaw dropping ones but.. nope.. not what I'm looking for... :(

I made the coat when I was still in Art-School (Fashion) for one of my collections inspired by the movie "Metropolis" (Fritz Lang), some other designs are up here (from a different collection, though) and I'm still busy making a bunch of skirts...

H&M top, Aldo shoes, H&M socks, woolen tracksuit trousers from Humanoid, Scarf Marc Jacobs

Friday, February 5, 2010

le ballon

This Winter-y weather is so hard to dress, I can't wait for Spring! You pull out what to wear and then you have to make it Winter proof... meaning adding tights, adding cardigans, adding jackets and coats, adding, adding...

I guess I have to wait for Spring to really show off this Parisienne Sailor Blouse which is now basically hidden under 2 blazers, I wear a white Zara blazer over my black Wang blazer, keeps you warm plus adds a new touch :) and yeah... I'm into sailor stuff right now :) another color that's really missing in my wardrobe; Navy...

wearing; Alexander Wang Blazer, Zara Blazer, Parisienne Sailor Blouse, Navy dotted cream skirt, Black tights, Zara boots, Tassle Rucksack

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Leopard and Fringe

The H&M faux fur leopard jacket was such a steal, I got it on sale.... but... I really don't like the lining (inside) it kind of make the jacket look cheap, no? I actually just really noticed it on the photo... so I might "operate" the jacket and change the lining, knowing myself I might do something crazy with it :)

The leggings are my absolute fav but.... totally loosing its shape/stretch :/ does anyone know a little "fix" for it?

I'm actually busy making a whole bunch of skirts, it feels so good making stuff again :)
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