Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DIY miu miu tights TUTORIAL

Here it is the Tutorial to the Miu Miu embellished tights I'm wearing HERE

What you will need for this tutorial;

Computer/Printer/Copy Machine
Transfer Iron-on sheets
Fabric, a meter/yard or half a meter/yard of cotton or in my case a blush/soft pink silk sateen
Tights, sheer nude
Sew-on Jewels
Needle and Thread

As for the stones, I used tear shaped (plastic) Crystals, round glass Crystals beads and two sizes of acrylic sew-on jewels. You can find the jewels in most (online) hobby, art and craft stores, if you find a link to the tear shaped crystals you can maybe leave the link in the comments for others to see...

You will need to print the Swallows on Transfer Iron-on Paper, You can find and download my high res Swallow Print HERE

Best way to print THE SWALLOWS would be of course to do it professionally, but "iron-on transfer sheets" for fabrics are a cool alternative, another alternative can be to draw your own swallows on the fabric directly, There are a lot of brands and different sheets for different printers and color of fabric, you will find instructions on how to use it included in the package.

here you can find some HP transfer papers to get an idea (I actually use a very cheap unknown brand) HP transfer papers

Follow the instructions (as much as possible) you got with your Transfer Paper and Iron on the Swallows.

It will prob come down to the same; the sheets are for cotton fabrics since the print is only transferred with heat, I ironed them on silk fabric anyway causing some birds to burn but most came out okay. I Ironed the birds on the matte side of the silk sateen and went for a light pink/blush fabric color, light blue would be amazing too.

The sheets will (almost) always give you a plastic-y stiff layer which I liked because it made my birds more solid and steady to sew on.

Cut the Birds out of your sheets, leaving some space around them and try to make as much as rounded edges as possible, you can cut all around the birds too, making it truly hellish to sew them on plus the look is somehow less attractive..

After cutting out the Swallows you are ready to start to sew them on the tights, I always wear the tights while sewing them on, you can use whatever stitch you want, when placing the birds try to use them in different angles/ rotate the swallows to find the best look and play with it, you can lay them out on a paper first to see and test placement if you want to practice a bit first.

My golden rule about placement would be;

Place them Irregular, never work with placing them horizontal or vertical under or next to each other but work in a Vertical line between the birds if you must, spy for placement
HERE if you look closely you can see the vertical lines of placement.

I always first place all the birds before I start to sew on the jewels, and the tights look amazing without the jewels too so you might decide to skip the Crystals.

I placed the Jewels in little clusters and made sure they were absolutely solid attached.

e voila :) Hope you like it :)

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

DIY miu miu Swallow tights

I totally got inspired by the Miu Miu Swallow printed platforms and no need to say I love embellishments, I was thinking about making my own applications for a while now and decided to start with the birds, I'm already busy with another pair of tights (with new beasts, haha) I will make a little DIY tutorial about it soon, hopefully next post!

You can find the swallow tights Tutorial HERE

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Army Jacket

A good Army Jacket will last you forever, this one is from the H&M and I have it for about 8 years now! I actually always wanted a real vintage Men's army jacket but never managed to find one in a small size, the drawstring are actually a must because you can wear the jacket like a parker or just plain straight, so when looking for a jacket I would pay attention to drawstrings! I really like the Parka Army jackets that have a longer length than this one... and right now I really really love the oversized parks jackets! I listed below a whole bunch of links to Army Jackets I liked for anyone who's on the look for them, and as you can see I sometimes simply searched for olive colored parka's ;)

Army Jacket
oversized slouchy Parka
Hoodie Parka
army jacket
vintage-look army jacket
mini parka

I'm wearing; H&M Army Jacket, H&M scarf, TopShop striped crop top, TopShop floral jeans, TopShop wedges, Vintage Bag.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shop Nasty Gal's Momo bag

... okay... the bag is actually called the Cat's Meow Bag,
but I totally need.want.now this Momo bag
and how drool worthy are these and these ?!!

I'm finishing up the last things on my Blog-Shop , I'm still adding one more shoe (a much coveted wedge bootie) and more descriptions and measurements...but, yeah here is is; shop-cocorosa

Monday, March 22, 2010


What can I say? the Cat developed a taste for posing...
He was bugging me yesterday when I was photographing items for my blog store, he just wanted to be in the middle of the frame... constantly.....

and then this today.. I tried to chase him away like a million times and he just kept coming back it was just too ridiculous so I gave in, he won, it became a Momo (cat's name) blog post. He loves to write too, that is to write and sleep at the same time on my laptop but I spare you of his scribbles on this blog post...

The floral ruffle dress is from Queens Wardrobe the ruffle detail is perfect! you can find the dress HERE. The little floral crown is selfmade and the tights are from H&M

Sunday, March 21, 2010

coming soon

Coming soon, coming soon....
I have been so busy this weekend with setting up my little blog-shop where you can shop my closet, I'm aiming to let it go live this Tuesday, I'm still adding more goodies :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I really start to dig the color-pop on the legs, these are the vintage green tights I was talking about in my last post, I decided to wear them with a yellow-ish cream lace dress (about $15 on Ebay) and yellow-ish/cream Miu Miu booties, the necklace is vintage and.. um ... borrowed from Gemma haha ( Gems you get it back soon, promised ) Lipstick from Givenchy.

This post is supported by Joannie Rochette necklace

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

a space odyssey

well... not a space oddyssey but Battle Ship Galactica actually... my brother dropped off a box with all 4 seasons so you can say we have been watching it non-stop... god, its like 100 hours and we have been watching episode after episode after episode this week as a bunch of nutheads! best about it is the chain smoking doctor in the series ;)

I got these vintage yellow/mustard tights, they might be older then me, they were still in their original package, never worn, I got vintage green, red and blue tights too, what I love most about them is the shade, its kind of a retro yellow, similar to the color of the Rodarte for Target dress... I was so surprised that they were still in good shape!! The top is from Sandro and I'm actually wearing it backwards :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vintage Moschino bandage dress

With all the moving around, from city to city, crossing the Atlantic back and forth, New York, the Netherlands, London, and so on ... well .... I loose stuff, there are a few things unaccounted-for, like a vintage Moschino jacket, my black dr Martens and a few more, and I just don't get it, its like having a black hole in my suitcase!!??

I have storaged stuff at my parents, brother, aunt but some things just seem to have vanished forever and then on the other hand other things pop up, things I hardly remember having in the first place, only vague memories...

and a nice example of one of these last reunions is this dress!! A vintage Moschino bandage dress with cat cut patches, I got it years and years ago as a gift and had forgotten all about it! welcome home dress :)

I want to thank Josephine for the inerview and post she put up on her site!, you can check out the interview on her amazing blog Summerlisten

and you can check out my feature as quest blogger and interview for Revolve Clothing on their site here

and finally, I had a big surprise of seeing my photos on the
Free People blog!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Wildflower Lover

My new favorite pieces of jewelry must be these Pipertree necklaces, The rope necklace has been hand-braided in black yarn and the ends are adorned with silver tabs that lead to semi precious stones like Kyanite and quartz crystals. You can find them Here (sorry for the lack of close-ups but I promise to post some better pics/close-up's of my necklace soon)

I just had to adorn my legs with some tights again :) these are the
Ditsy Blue Floral Tights from Queens Wardrobe,

I'm wearing; Queens Wardrobe Ditsy Blue Floral Tights, H&M blue dress, Zara white blazer, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Pipertree necklaces

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rose Tights

I got the sweetest surprise when I received this ivory simple two-ways dress from Queens Wardrobe, included in the package where 3 pairs of tights! These Queens Wardrobe Rose Tights are just...well.... precious.. perfectly precious...., everything is perfect, the color, the print, the fit... nothing soothes a floral and tights obsessed mind better then these tights :)

The Vintage Lace-Up Grunge Boots
are my 2nd pair, these actually fit me a little bit better then my first pair and have a maroon/reddish color, I'm so hooked on these boots, they make every dress look good and I love the color, I'm seriously thinking about getting them in light brown and purple too, I got them from American Archive, they have a lot of vintage Roper boots, in different colors and sizes.

I'm wearing a Queens Wardrobe
simple two-ways dress, TopShop dotted frill skirt (under the dress), 3.1 Phillip Lim cut-out sweater, Blazer, Queens Wardrobe Rose Tights, American Archive Vintage Roper Boots.

*** Update***

you can buy the Rose tights

Monday, March 8, 2010

slightly vintage

I was so happy when I got asked by the people of Revolve to pick something of choice from revolveclothing.com and after spending some good time strolling through the various brands, designers and trends I just had to go for something involving florals again,

I have to say that for a long time I was luring after all cropped tees and pants but I simply couldn't resist the
Free People throwback romper. I love the bohemian vibe and it's so easy and comfortable to wear and I could totally visualize myself standing between meadows and wildflowers...... Hmmmmmm Summer.....

But it isn't Summer yet so I decided to give the
revolveclothing gift a slight retro "little house on the prairie" feel by wearing a vintage blouse underneath it with lace socks and Chloe platforms.

I'm wearing; Vintage Blouse, Free People throwback floral romper from Revolve Clothing, Chloe platforms, lace socks.
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