Thursday, April 29, 2010

peasant dress and clogs

I just know I will wear these Clogs a lot!!
Initially I wanted to wear something else today, I was thinking about my cut-off jeans, a mini dress or playsuit but somehow I woke up more body conscious then normal and just wanted to wear something really plain,easy and comfi (and oh yeah, and covering) and ended up in this H&M dress, I def knew I was going to stroll around in my new Su-Shi Clogs no matter what, no concessions there :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Perfect Clogs

I don't think I have ever waited this anxiously for shoes to arrive!! So when the doorbell rang and it were my awaited Clogs it totally made my day!! The Su-Shi clogs are handmade, the platform is made out of wood and the patterned engraved leather is in a perfect nude color, the detailing is stunningly perfect!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fringe, Lace and Boots

I'm totally obsessing over Fringe! I pulled out my Vintage suede fringe jacket to wear over the lace dress (Ebay) but most of the time it ended up being too hot.. and no platforms today, I went with my All Saints boots! I still think when it comes to boots All Saints, Frye and Vintage are the best to go with!

Really lusting after the TopShop Lace leotards/bodies btw, to wear with cut-off jeans but I can't figure out what kind of bra or top to wear under it to make it kind of decent??!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Layering Grays

Some easy and comfi layering for today and almost everything is from the H&M,
I just wear an old light blue/gray leggings with an light blue/gray top which I layered with an old slouchy cardigan and over it a vintage oriental silver/gray jacket blouse, jersey gray scarf, PiperTree Necklace, Vintage fringe suede bag and TopShop wedges..

and this reminds me that I haven't been to the H&M in ages!! I so need to peek in to see if they have any good stuff going on!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Fringe Silk Scarf; Urban Outfitters, Nude Slip dress, Vintage tassle Leather bag, Low heeled clogs H&M, H&M Beaded necklace, Selfmade lace necklace, Stolen Thunder leather charm bracelet.

Fringe, Tassles, Nude and Earthy tones, Leathers and Silks, Wooden clogs = love
I'm still waiting for my new clogs to arrive but I can't say it wasn't nice to have a platform break, that was the idea but.... The old H&M sandal clogs are a nice break wasn't it that my pinky toe (yes I know, sounds stupid) got kind of stuck in between the leather uppers, don't know how to explain it but I think most will get the idea, right? so the clogs ended being not so comfi after all, haha

The bracelet is from Stolen Thunder, a new jewelry discovery of mine, braided leather with little wooden charms.

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Monday, April 19, 2010


I think most of us are already familiar with Bloglovin' but for those who aren't yet here's a quick post and video about how it works, Bloglovin' is a easy way to keep track of the updates of your favorite blogs and a great way to discover new and upcoming blogs you might want to follow too!! Check it out :)

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The real deal

I was so happy when I received an email from one of my readers who had read on one of my previous posts I had been looking for an Vintage Army Jacket forever without any luck , since I couldn't find any this small!!

So millions Thanks to Peggy who gifted the Jacket for my Blog's one year anniversary :) Your the best :) ( she still has one other Vintage Army Jacket in her Etsy Store bOmode )

The reason I really wanted a Vintage Army Jacket is because ones worn in and faded they absolutely have the best fit and look and will be good for more then a decade, they never go out of style since the are simply put "the real deal"... I'm soooo wearing this Jacket with skinny jeans and boots!!

Dress; QueensWardrobe, Shoes; TopShop, Ruffle Socks; Storets, Vintage Army Jacket; bOmode

Friday, April 16, 2010


romper, top and shorts; pixiemarket, Sock Garters; SWANclothing

Nude and white dresses

Loving pixiemarket's styling with the SWANclothing sockgarters
I have been craving nude lingerie inspired items, like the pixiemarket romper and the nude sheer dress to totally style it with the sock garters and some brogues, I was thinking about the black garters since the outfit would be pale and muted but I'm not sure yet because the white/cream ones are actually my favorite...

The pixiemarket romper is totally out of my price-league and the nude sheer dress sells only in a size medium :/ Does anyone know any other good lingerie inspired items?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A perfect dress

Last week my most perfect dress arrived from Storets, light blue, perfect fabric, comfortable, versatile, I can wear it with wedges or rough boots, belted or not belted. Today I wanted to keep it simple with a striped shirt underneath and TopShop black wedges but I can't wait to wear the trench dress in a muted gray and blue palette with the gray Topshop wedges or my all saints boots! and was thinking about maybe wearing the dress with this navy stripe loose cardigan that I'm recently eying....

Monday, April 12, 2010

All Stars

Spring means its time to get the Converse out, I don't know how many All Stars I completely trashed, I walk on them till they literally fall apart!

I love to wear them (apart from with jeans and striped tops) kind of romantic and pretty with short jeans shorts with lace cropped tops or vintage over-sized blouses and cami's with eyelets, frills, bibs, pintucks etc , crochet and lace tunics, summer frocks with frills and eyelets... everything for that vintage "romantic" prairie look but always showing lots of leg to make sure the outfit doesn't turn dull ;)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shoe Love

My Favorite Shoes of the moment, I'm really inspired by Natural earthy colors like stone grays, beige, browns, taupe..

H&M Clogs, TopShop Wedges (with or without socks like worn Here and Here), Storets Cage shoes (that I was wearing Here)

My clogs are oldies from the H&M and I'm loving these forever since they are low heeled and easy to walk in :) and perfect with socks,
TopShop has some "walkable" clog wedges too that are serious delicious but the most drool worthy clogs right now are absolutely the clogs from Su-Shi, check out her lookbook too to see the engraved leather clogs I'm totally waiting for :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

DIY Heart Garters and studded Cage heels

I'm like in a DIY mania I'm afraid, I got so many ideas I'm breaking in nights crafting stuff together and I really hope I can soon produce thing so you will be able to find my designs in my little shop :)

This Heart Garter/Band diy is based on two recent obsessions; Hearts and Legwear to be precise Leg Jewelry, there are two gals around that make the most gorgeous Leg accessories that I will feature soon ;)

And yeah.. the over-knee lace socks, well they weren't over-knees, I had to stretch the hell out of them, caused some serious effort on my part ;)

And then two new adds to my Closet, Gold Studded Cage Heels, These have a chunky feel and square-ish heels which I was really looking for and are by far my most comfi heels ever!! and the Loose fit Sheer blouse with the most perfect sleeves ever and (semi) transparant, a pleasure to style and so easy to wear, I get so sick of blouses that I feel I can't even lift my arm! Both from Storets.

And no, I will not miss out on the clogs trend, I'm waiting for a lovely Spanish Blogger gal with her own amazing design label and shop to add the clogs I want in my size in her store haha (you know who you are:) So if you guys are thinking about adding clogs to your wardrobe you might want to wait just a bit, I promise these will be killer!!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


jay, finally the weather allows us to go bare legged!! thank god its getting warmer!
I'm muchos into grays and baby-blues, the top is Vintage Chinese(?) with a hand fan print with bows in silver/gray/pink.

I totally forgot about this top, I used to play dress-up with it when I was about 5 years old, haha, and now its one of my favorite pieces to mix and match with, I also seem to like to belt up everything with this rope lately..

I'm wearing; Vintage Top, H&M dress, Rope as belt, H&M socks, Topshop Wedges, H&M army jacket, Vintage Ring and Bag.

oh... the red heart necklace from my last post is from the H&M but I bought it a few years ago...

You can still enter the American Archive Give-Away for the Floral dress Here
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