Monday, August 30, 2010


Foil wrap dress; StyleSofia, Bag gifted by Botkier, diy head wrap, boots; BlackStone, Faux Fox Tail gifted by La Dama

I arrived yesterday evening in New York, Chilled the whole evening on the Brooklyn rooftop enjoying the view, my friends and the warm weather! So right now I'm getting all settled in, have to take a shower and go to the duane reade to get a few essentials... and hopefully take some shots stepping out :) I just got some more photos from my camera, I was so busy packing this weekend I didn't even get a change to look at them until now!!

I'm really into the metallic foils so this dress was instant love to me :) and I'm totally loving the faux fox tail!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

New York New York

I'm flying tomorrow morning back to New York, need to pack, haha, I'm always a last minute packer and forget half the things I need to pack.. and yes that was three times the word pack in a sentence...

Its so funny how you miss things that you didn't expect missing... I couldn't sleep last night thinking about how I suddenly realized I really have missed the vegetable dumplings at rice in Nolita...

ps. Listening to the song "New York New York" by the Gremlins

pps. I think "Jenny" from "Forrest Gump" is one of my Style Icons

ppps. The photos are all found on WEHEARTIT, I love that site although its a bit slow and kind of hard to find out to who to credit the pictures too!!!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Wisteria Wedges; TopShop, Knitted Dress; Storets

Yes, forgetting to remove the price tag stickers from under your shoes is a fashion faux-pas I guess... its actually really really trashy, so typically me...

Honestly this must be my pet peeve, if I see really well put together girls walking on the street with the stickers still under the shoe it makes me want to stop them to remove them, so it figures that me myself is guilty as charged :)
and to make matters worse I kind of really like it on the photo with this look!

As for the black knitted dress there is another big no no, that is; to use your sweater/dress as a comfy/crawl-in/sleeping-back-kind-of sloppy tv-watching blanket thing and then after wards stepping out in it:) ... Yes I like to actually crawl in the dress, pulling it all over my knees while I'm curled down on the sofa, so it really lost its shape; sloppy flabber dress..

Monday, August 23, 2010


Baby Blue velvet dress; StyleSofia, Blackstone Boots; FreePeople, Lipstick; M.A.C red

Love the light blue velvet dress especially because of the bare back bow detail and of the Icey feeling the shade of light blue gives.
Because the dress is so pretty and girly, almost being a bit to much for me, I went for ruby red lips and boots.

ps. I'm trying to organize myself for doing tutorials and posts on the photography and editing :)
Maybe its a good idea to post specific questions on my facebook page too so I can collect them back into a blog post? Or do any of you have an other idea where we can collect the questions and answers without them becoming lost in different posts? help help :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bird Darlings

Jacket, Sequined Top, Striped Top and White blazer all gifted by Bird by Juicy Couture, Gray dress worn as skirt; H&M, Gray jersey top; H&M, Boots; All Saints

More of the Bird by Juicy Couture pieces I received, I am in Love with this Jacket, really in love :)

You can find me and the other "bird darling" Bloggers (I think I spied 5 other Bloggers) on the Juicy Blog (the Daily Couturist) HERE its actually really fun to see how we all styled the pieces totally different, I mean we all got different pieces of course, but its great to see what a different vibe items get by personal styling... I'm not sure but I think some of the Bird Darlings will be featured on the site throughout the day though...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bird but no Wings

Blouse; gifted by Bird by Juicy couture, Sequined top; gifted by Bird by Juicy Couture, Gray tank; Vince, Sequined skirt; vintage, Boots; All Saints

Juicy Couture had sent me over some goodies from their contemporary Bird line. The blouse is a really beautiful silk blend with puff sleeves while the sequined top became actually unexpected a layering favorite of mine!

Some of the other gifted items include a wool blend structured white blazer and a striped puff sleeve top but my absolute favorite is a jacket that I got and I cant wait to show you photos with that, I guess I save the best for last, haha,

Okay the weather is bananas, when its not raining its like mad windy, I feels good though but its hard not to look like a sour lemon

As for the outfit; I did what I like to do most, layer. I really wanted to shorten the skirt but can't because all the sequins would fly off so I kind of rolled it up which also helps to keep the outfit grounded and rough around the edges..

Friday, August 13, 2010

Taking my fringe jacket out for a walk...

Bag; Botkier, One-piece; StylebyMarina

Some more pics of the other day that we took with the Ava bag for the Botkier x Bloglovin' feature,

I'm so tired, I hardly slept last night, sometimes I just wish I could switch my brain off...
On a other note some dresses came in today screaming to be worn with ruby red lips and a turban!
Oh, and I'm booking my flight today, I'm going to be so happy to be back in New York!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ModCloth blogger of the moment

"cocorosa dress" gifted by ModCloth, vintage satchel, vintage belt, H&M socks, vintage boots

Big thanksios to ModCloth for making me blogger of the moment and naming this dress after me!
I had loads of fun working on my favorite items from modcloth (I think you can see its all typically me, I just love "windows" shopping) and ~although I'm always struggling with telling and writing stuffs about myself and totally should have left the freakin' smiley's alone~ the questions & answers.

Monday, August 9, 2010

les petroleuses

Ava crossbody bag in chocolate suede gifted by Botkier, Sheer jumpsuit gifted by StylebyMarina, Zara over knee cowboy boots.

Say hello to my new Ava crossbody bag, I just totally love it, the leather is so soft and I love the Chocolate brown color. I was asked to style the bag for Botkier's x Bloglovin' fall/winter campaign channeling "my Inner Bad Girl" and these are some of my favorite shots.

As for who my "Inner Bad Girl" is; I went for one of my Childhood sentiments; Brigitte Bardot in the Spaghetti Western "Les Petroleuses"

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Senso Diffusion

Senso Dainton shoes; Solestruck, Blazer; Alexander Wang, Romper (sample); 3.1 Phillip Lim, scarf as Turban

I was zigzagging around town in the new shoes. shoes=love.
I went for a very simple almost graphic outfit actually, mostly black and white with only the turban being gray.

The Wang blazer is typically Wang-tailored and very subtle structured while the romper's top is draped silk chiffon, I have a deep love for combining drapes with structured blazers, I really hated that I didn't had a draped bodycon skirt or dress, but I'm working on that as we speak :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Turban and "what's in the box?"

So today I continued struggling with making a turban out of a scarf, its getting there but not yet the way I want it, haha

Also I'm usually really plain when it comes to make-up, just foundation and a bit of mascara, today I used some eyeshadow too (as base I used the "st tropez" shade by Cargo and over it I blended a bit of illuminating blush by Stila in a pinkish color)

As for the look; scarf as turban, cut-off baggy sweatpants, gray tank top, H&M faux leather vest, some fake gold bangles, Blackstone boots with shearling lining. ( honestly I'm not sure yet what to think of these Blackstone boots.. I will wear them this week to see if the leather will shape a bit more to give my judgement, they are so expensive so I really want to give a good review)

And just when I was all set to go the doorbell rang.. and I just couldn't wait to share, haha,
The Senso daiton shoe with the zigzag sole from solestruck!! (and no doubts here about this shoe) check out the other Senso diffusion shoes too, they are hawt hawt hawt!
So you all know which bootie I'm rocking in my next post :) oh and the shoe runs small, you will need to go a full size up!

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