Thursday, September 30, 2010

Very Red

wearing; H&M jacket, Ebay boots, Red jump suit

Oh yes, I'm having a little break from the washed out pastels, just a little break ;) ...
I'm so in love with red pants right now, red jeans, harems whatever as long as they are red.

The H&M jacket already became a regular in my suitcase, I take it with me wherever I go!
This is the 3rd H&M featured look for their Fall Campaign, you can check it out HERE.
(next week the last look)


Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Teamo "Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen" tee from Spanish Moss Vintage, TopShop floral jeans, Blackstone Boots, Botkier bag

Photos by Gemma from FadetoBlack, we were hanging out by the water front in Williamsburg for a bit, it used to be one of my fav paces but lately so much is changed here, slowly the old warehouses are disappearing to be replaced by new luxury condo's and the "old industrial" Brooklyn starts to look like Midtown Manhattan :(

I'm wearing my new MK and Ashley Olsen tee from Spanish Moss Vintage and TopShop Floral jeans and boots. ( It's kind of a rock n' roll look but then in pastels, no? ) The glasses are my new obsession, they are fake but I guess I love them so much because they change my whole look, haha) It's kind of silly.

I still have loads and loads of NYFW photos to sort out!! can't wait to post them all!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

H&M FALL Campaign feature prt2

The second look for my H&M Fall campaign feature!

This is why I love Fall... I belted the romantic/soft H&M ruffle dress with a bulky belt and layered with a bulky jacket coat and heavy scarf. The over the knee socks peep out from under the sturdy boots and no need to say that Fall is my favorite season too when it comes to colors!!

Check out the campaign and the 4 other featured bloggers here

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


photos by the self portrait project

I'm wearing; White dress with cut-out sleeves; StyleSofia, black tights, Tory Burch bag.

Gemma (from fade to black) wearing; Jean shorts, Style Stalker top from Spanish Moss Vintage, forver21 studded booties.

Me + Gemma + a random night out... what can I say.... oh the dude is random too.. no idea who he is but we liked him as our "prop man"

The photos are taken by the photo booth of by photographer Andy Lin,
Basically its a booth with a big mirror where you are handed over the self timer so you can actually see the retarded poses your making before you hit the button for your self portrait, its quite genius in all its simplicity! Check out the project here.

ps. tomorrow my second H&M look will go up!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

fashion squad + the haute persuit + cocorosa

Me, Carolina from Fashion Squad and Vanessa from The Haute Pursuit taking some pics together while hanging out after the Tory Burch lunch at the Standard Grill where we had the best french fries ever, saw Mick Jagger having lunch and got to pick our favorite Tory Burch item at their store afterwards...
hmmm I start to love days like this! :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

COCOROSA for H&M f/w 10

I'm so exited to be part of the H&M f/w '10 online campaign!!
This coming month you will see a total of 4
outfits where I got a chance to style my fav pieces from H&M f/w '10 looks together with 4 other worldwide bloggers! Check out the whole campaign plus the other bloggers HERE.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Breakfast and Shoes

Top; StyleSofia, Skirt; H&M, Socks; H&M, Studded booties; Forever21, Bag; Botkier

So the past few days... or has it been a week already? has been hectic!

Fashion Week started for me with the IFB conference where I met a lot of the blogger gals in real person which I had been looking forward too the most! The conference was good and really started this thinking-spin of what I want to do with the blog etc blah blah blah... I think you can find write-ups on the conference on the IFB site here.

After the conference we went with a whole bunch of us for pizza, drinks and chats... The candit hanging out photos are going to be a whole separate crazy post haha...

So these outfit pics are right before the "Nine West Blogger Breakfast" where we got a great dilicious in store breakfast and got to explore and pick our favorite pairs of shoes to wear for fashion night out.

No need to say that we ( me and Caroline of Fashion Squad ) went for the taupe leather boots that can be worn folded over or over the knees and whats better then to start your day with a breakfast surounded by shoes haha..

The random hand reaching for the orange juice is Gemma from FadetoBlack and you can see Rebecca from the Clothes Horse in one of the pictures too!

Check out the Clothes Horse for the best write-up and Photos of the Nine West Blogger Breakfast and to see the other bloggers who were there :)

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Shae and Spanish Moss shoot

all clothing from Shae and Spanish Moss, studded ankle booties; Forever21 ($32.80)

Some of the shots Shae (from everything style) took to on our road trip to Nashville last weekend with Spanish Moss! I just love Shae's photography!

So the NYFW craziness is ready to begin I guess, yesterday I spent all day at the IFB conference and right now I have to get ready for a blogger breakfast at Nine West! I'm not sure yet what I'll be doing tonight (fashions night out) but maybe I will see some of you, no?


Wednesday, September 8, 2010


H&M dress, TopShop wedges, false lashes. photos taken by Suzanna from Spanish Moss.

I went this weekend on a roadtrip to Nashville together with Shae from Everything Style to meet up and do some shoots with the lovely peeps from Spanish Moss!!

So we left on Friday for the 15! yes 15 hour drive from NY to Nashville where we arrived late at night, had some chats and mimosa's on the porch to wake-up early next morning to shoot. We took this outfit post somewhere after the shoots on Sunday when we were shopping for a cook-out at the house. I had a blast and can't wait to see how Shae's photo's turned out but till then you can find some behind the scenes shots on the Spanish Moss blog here!

So I kind of developed a taste for road trips, haha
I'm seriously thinking about flying out randomly to LA on the 17th because I really really want to go out West and I neeeeed to see the Desert!! So please drop me an email if you are around the LA area!!! :)


Thursday, September 2, 2010

A little play-date at FreePeople

Coat, Snake Print over the knee Boots, Fur Hat, Slouchy Sweater and Fry over the knee Boots all from Free People, Dress; H&M

Yesterday I went on a little road trip to Philadelphia with my friend Laura who has her own shoe line
( called MIISTA - lounging within a few months!!! ) for appointments with Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.

Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Free People offices are all based on the Navy Yard, which is incredible, I can't explain how beautiful it is!! the offices are mind blowing and they can actually bring their dogs to work.... too cute!!

We were running around going from meeting into meeting so I didn't got the change to really explore and play around but I totally hope I get the change to visit the Navy Yard again!!

However... I did had a little play date with Julia who's one of the Free People bloggers together with Jemma!! She gave me a little Free People tour and no need to say that we ended up in the Studio where we had a styling blast with my favorite September 2010 catalog items!! (see pics of the catalog here) my god.... the selection of boots!!

my favs; the First Impressions Jacket/coat, the Cognac Charmer tall over the knees boots, the slouchy pink sweater, the fur hat and the rough over the knee boots (I believe they are from Fry)

and talking about road trips..... Tomorrow I'm heading on a 12 hour drive to Nashville!!! :) whoohooo
stay tuned :)

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