Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I'm wearing; fake fur hat, vintage dress, sari as scarf, H&M gloves, Roper boots, Botkier bag

It's getting seriously cold and I kind of love it, I love to completely buckle up and I love the days being short with the darkness setting in shortly after 4pm to go home surrounded by the tiny lights that light up the streets covered in a snowy blanket and to warm myself up with a cup of warm chocolate while wrapping up Christmas presents... hmmm maybe it's time for baking some cookies too :)

Friday, November 26, 2010


wearing; vintage dress, vintage belt, thrifted velvet jacket, forever21 vest

Channeling kind of a "Gypsy" look today.

I bought this dress about 5 years ago in a vintage store on avenue C in the East Village (New York) this store was just perfect, they had the most beautiful vintage and antique dresses, kimono's and just about everything beautiful and then the shop just kind of disappeared! I have no idea if it moved to another location or simply closed its doors.. such a shame because it was really one of my fav places to shop :(

and talking about shopping... it's black Friday today! the day that really kicks of the holiday season's shopping!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

you know you want this

...... that's what I was thinking when I saw this bodkin velvet jumpsuit on Bona Drag (that and OMG!!)
I'm drooling over the burgundy velvet leggings (here in black), gold velvet skirt, velvet maxi dress and shenan velvet dress too!

Oh... and before you start to call me Elvira... I'm really into their (non velvet) lavender (or black) lace flare pants too! love love love. You can call this some Christmas wishful thinking :)


Monday, November 22, 2010

field day

I'm wearing; H&M gloves, TopShop Cardigan, Lucyd Acyd lace top, Vintage Lace skirt, TopShop leggings, H&M socks, American Archive vintage Roper Boots

It's really getting cold and supposely it's going to snow next week :)
The maxi skirts and dresses make layering and dressing up for the cold so much more fun! The only thing I'm missing for the upcoming snow are rain boots actually! (note to self; score some rainboots!)


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chunky Knits

The Remedi silk knit cardigan, Marc Jacobs scarf, H&M top and long layered cardigan, Lucyd Acyd draped skirt, Miu Miu shoes, Tory Burch satchel

I'm so happy with this cardigan! (it's knitted silk chiffon, not yarn but fabric!!) makes me want some matching turquase/blue oxfords (or JC glitter lita's) hehe :)

Somehow today I felt like trying some different heels and to take a break from the obvious boots and platform wedges... but maybe its to early to go for the non-platform pointy pumps again?


Monday, November 15, 2010


Lucyd Acyd lace top, Storets lace dress, 7 for all mankind jeans, JC platforms

It was raining cats and dogs again...

while we snapped these photos just between some showers my hair got wavy within no time with the moisty air...

and I finally pulled out my flares, I'm so gonna live in these babies :)

(oh... this Lucyd Acyd lace top is a real beaut!! it's kind of hidden away under the lace dress haha but seriously a recommendation :)


Friday, November 12, 2010

your eyes lie

The weather is just too horrible to snap some outfit pics right now! but hey... now at least I got to try out some "outfit" "collages" :)

I just ordered this Galactic tee today from youreyeslie, can't wait for it to come in!!!
The sheer maxi skirt(s) are from freepeople, they have about 4 lace and tulle like maxi skirts that I really love and really really want and are awesome for layering, the glitter lita's from my last post (here)

Initially I wanted to wear this outfit with a fur coat but I have been kind of quilt tripping on the furs.. and although I will prob still wear them this winter I have started to look for alternatives.. I really hate fake fur because the synthetic feel and because it just can't compete with real fur!

My favorite fur alternatives so far are knits! beautiful chunky multi-colored knitted cardigans and coats! This silk knitted cardigan, from the remedi is actually mine already :) I really want some rough earthy colored knits too and I promise you it will be the best fur alternative you can find :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Multi Glitter Lita

I want these so badly!!!
(see how Carolina is rocking the silver glitter Lita's here)
I would prob space up these babe's in a weird way to look like a galactic hippie, hmmm velvet leggings with a lace see-through maxi skirt, nebula t-shirt and a fur coat :)

Monday, November 8, 2010


Playing around with the camera settings and editing,
The outfit is practically the same as in the last post seen HERE,
the only difference is this Sari that I often use as a scarf/wrap...

We were playing around with the movement and sheerness of the sari
but it was harder then I expected to get the Sari too move in the wind the way I wanted to and we had to adjust the camera settings quite a bit to get the photos to turn out the way we wanted! The weather is getting to cold to play around with sheer silks though.. but knowing myself I will keep on doing it anyway turning prob blue in the process haha (which can be nice if we figure out how to capture it :) :)


Friday, November 5, 2010


wearing; Storets Blouse, TopShop velvet leggings, Vintage Loafers, self designed headband (crown)

The detailing on this blouse (from Storets) and the fact that the lenght is bud-covering makes it perfect to mash up with leggings! I actually always feel more comfortable with some bud-shape-covering items, when I wear shape defining items like leggings, body-con dresses etc I always carry long lenght vests, shawls or cardigans around for when I want and feel like a quick cover up!

(The crown is self made/designed)


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

sweat pants

wearing; H&M sweatpants, Nine West thigh high boots, vintage blouse, H&M cardigan, H&M blazer jacket, Botkier bag (photo by; Gemma from FadetoBlack)

I kind of forgot about this outfit!!!

This photo was taken a while ago on Fashions Night Out. After the Nine West blogger breakfast where I was gifted the thigh high boots :) we started out the evening at DVF in the meatpacking district (see me the refinery29's Slideshow, hehe)

btw.. Do you know what I loved the most about FNO? meeting up with everyone!
I was with Gemma and Karen and somehow during the evening we bumped into everyone! and I mean everyone! (Carolina, Mattias, Liz, Aimee, Nadia, Danny Roberts to name a few) So we all ended up in a random bar having a great evening. Good Times :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Gray Days

I'm wearing; Storets dress, TopShop floral tights, Tory Burch Dayton Satchel, Urban Outfitter socks, vintage belt and loafers

Playing around with ways to bring in my lingerie and summery dresses into fall/winter without going for the obvious black tights, it didn't leave me with much options haha...

I'm really looking for some different coats because I'm sick of my black pea coats and it's not cold enough to wear my vintage furs. I really want something special that's not too trendy... but where to find?

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