Monday, January 31, 2011

MILK X Magazine feature

So honored that I was asked to give my insights about upcoming Spring Summer 2011 trends in Milk X magazine among Maria Luisa, buyers and artistic directors from Colette, Opening Ceremony, Net-a-Porter, Beams and bloggers Bryan Boy, Jenn Camp from Le Fashion and Kimberley Brandsma!!

here is what I said (translated);

1. What are the trends in coming 2011 S/S?
On the runway we saw a lot of optimistic bright and vivid colors, minimalistic silhouettes, clinic whites and various ethnic themes. Other trends that absolutely can't be underestimated are the Asian themes as seen in Louis Vuitton, 70's themes with flare and wide legged jeans (also seen with a rock n' roll attitude) and Chloe's ballet theme.

2. Any new brands in 2011 S/S?

I'm keeping an close eye on Carven, Ryota Shiga, Dimepiece and Sretsis

3. Please share with us your all-time-favorite brand/ designer? How about in

Jan Taminiau and for SS2011 it's Chloe's Hannah MacGibbon

4. What are the fashion items a woman should possess in 2011S/S season?

Chloe ballet flats, Leather biker jackets, ethnic/Asian printed dresses

5. What’s your basic items in 2011 S/S
A classic white shirt, flared jeans and pants, classic beige colored high waisted shorts, vintage reworked kimono's.

6. In your opinion, who is the up-and-coming designer?
Dion Lee


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Thursday, January 27, 2011


some inspiration; colors, shapes and materials I'm feeling.

1, Jan Taminiau backstage photographed by Peter Stigter
2, via weheartit
Obakki Jacket (see the photoshoot here)
4, via fashion toast
5, via Pink
6, via Jaleesa van Straaten
7, via weheartit

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meet Whizzbee

TopShop Monochrome Brogue, Whizzbee the mouse

Meet Whizbee, my new fuzzy (and stinky) pet, I got him and his little brother for Christmas!
They are really up to no good what I love, they harass the cats as much as they harass them, love it!

The TopShop brogues are fake leather/plastic and run a bit small (for me half a size bigger would be perfect) so I can't walk a whole day on them.

They do look nice on the feet, I often have a problem with brogues because they look kind of chunky on me but these are look-wise perfect for me. I really wish they would come in leather, I mean Whizzbee didn't even wanted to chew on them which says a lot about the quality and the plastic smell! So the $55 price tag seen the quality is a lot and it would really come down on how well they look on your feet. Personally, I will replace them as soon as I find similar ones in leather (vintage or new)


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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Minimarket wooden drapped suede wedge via solestruck

I die I die I die
Love these so much but being at $309.95 = over my shoe budget for crazy shoes

however ... I did order these today!!


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Monday, January 24, 2011

a monday print galore

I'm wearing; Anywho Kobra coat, Zara long sleeve silk floral dress, Storets blue doggy print dress, TopShop heart tights, Tory Burch bag, La Dama pyramid necklace, Vintage belt + shoes

Wearing some color and a cocktail of prints because the weather is so dark and suck-y!!

I actually wear two dresses on top of each other.. the first one is a long sleeve lilac/blue-ish silk floral dress from the Zara that I got on sale a few days ago and over it a blue dress with a dog print from Storets.

Hopefully the weather stops sucking soon because this gloomy mess of lately makes me go mental :)


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Friday, January 21, 2011

Shoe Galore

Miista Lookbook shot by Saga Sig (check out her blog here- its one of my favs!!) (clothing by Brooke Roberts and Emma Griffiths)

My God, I seriously can't wait for the Miista shoes to hit stores!

The independent label by Laura Villasenin
will launch in little less then a month with their 1st collection "female warriors" and I'm seriously craving the blue NAIA! they come in a flat version too (you can have a sneak peek of them here) I've already saved up for both of them hehe (they are going to look sooooo good with socks, can't wait)


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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fannie Schiavoni

Fannie Schiavoni autumn winter 2010, photographer: nicole maria winkler

Now, how delicious is the metal + sheer silk combination?
Love Fannie Schiavoni's metal harnesses!

btw .... I already finished the entire jar of Lilac hair dye, I seriously have to redo it every other day and while it really shows in day light I want it to be totally vibrant like this, so I'm seriously thinking while getting new Lilac dye tomorrow to really bleach the living hell out of my hair tips/ends, and to do it myself.. does anyone now whats the best bleach to use?


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Friday, January 14, 2011

Anywho KOBRA Jacket

I'm wearing; Anywho KOBRA Jacket, Vintage Kimono, TopShop velvet leggings, H&M clogs

The ladies from the blog did a design collaboration with Danish brand KOBRA and opened up shop. I'm so happy I could get my hands on one of the designs because the jackets, coats and coatigans are amazing, the simplicity and volume in the cashmere/wool fabrics make the coat really versatile, fun to style and comfortable to wear.

oh, the prices in their shop are in the Danish currency but 1 ddk is about 0.18 dollars (I just looked it up).

You can see Maria from vanillascented and Susie Stylebubble wearing different Kobra coats here and here and a awesome look of my coat in blue here...


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

simple diy flower hair brooch

Wearing; Vintage floral romper, TopShop heart tights, frye engineer boots, vintage belt, diy flower hair brooch.

The diy flower hair brooch is almost too simple to call a diy but its still always a killer for spring time;

Whenever I see somewhere silk flowers I buy them (I found these in fabric stores).. Because I like to play around with them I never glue them to getter or attach them in a way that I won't be able to re-use them...

Here I just picked a few I liked and twisted them together and pinned them in my hair using regular hairpins and clips.

btw. Yes my hair tips are still Lilac (can't really see it in the grayish photos though), the color fades out really fast so I have to redo it like twice a week :/


Friday, January 7, 2011

tiny heart tights

wearing; topshop heart tights (Cat's name; Nova)

...because I want to be lazy the whole weekend....

I've been stressing the whole week to finish some things (photos + editing) for a magazine and now I'm almost done..pffff... just
the last bits of editing and I can have my lazy weekend!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lilac Hair

Dyed the tips of my hair Lilac
! (was planning to do so for a while)

(and don't forget to enter my giveaway here)
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