Thursday, March 31, 2011

Random Mornings

Love slow laid back mornings where Nova (Cat) follows my every step... She's showing off my new H&M cardigan, I usually never buy stripes but I'm so happy I did this time! It's save to call the cardigan a seasons must have, perfect for dressing up Parisian Chic or just with a tee and jeans.

Two features came in the mail!! Nylon Japan (thank you Marra for sending me the copy) and Vogue Girl Korea where I'm featured in their Pink issue together with some really awesome bloggers!!
( you can see the featured looks here, here and here )

I'm on a roll working on new DIY (embellished) tights! I finished one yesterday evening and have an idea for another pair that I want to work on tonight, I'm using H&M tights as a base (the creme/white and pink tights that are in stores now - perfect for diy's!!) I will work on the tutorials this weekend!


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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Je T'aime Miista

Miista wilma-sand shoes, WildFox Je T'aime tee, Zara sequined leggings, Satchel from Ebay, H&M cardigan

So this is how the outfit that I laid out here turned out, I switched the TopShop bag for the (Ebay) Satchel (seen in a post here) and added a slouchy cardigan to tone down the sugarness a bit.

I just bought the same shape cardigan at H&M yesterday (creme colored with some stripes at the bottom, let's just say the nautical version, love it)

I really hate my toes so I went out of my way to show you close-ups of the shoes haha, I just learned yesterday that they are a limited stock and I'm soooooo happy I got a hold of the last size 6, because I really love them and they seemed to be the kind of missing shoe in my wardrobe to style with outfits like these!


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Monday, March 28, 2011

What to wear

Miista wilma-sand shoes, WildFox Je T'aime tee, Zara leggings, The Olive Shoppe Dino Cuff, TopShop bag, various make-up

I always like to lay things out on my bed, kind of making a collage of what to wear (note that next to my bed there will be a big pile of items that got shifted out haha)

I know there will be an overkill of certain items on my blog but the truth is I'm not the kind of girl that never wears the same kind of thing again, I'm like a real normal person, you know haha, I really wear my favs a lot and like to keep them in rotation, re-styling them over and over again..

The items look overly girly all together and a possible downfall for cheesyness, but you know I'm going to wear it anyway haha, the trick will be minimal make-up, sloppy hair and minimal accessories, I might even ditch the topshop purse, actually I know I will ditch the purse! Replacing it by a ocker/brown old leather looking purse if I can find one!

My new Miista shoes are really fab!! the detailing is so good, the leather a perfect sand/nude color and they make my legs look taller haha


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Friday, March 25, 2011


Storets Blouse, Zara sequined leggings, JC boots from, Boy nyc Dinosaur Cuff from the Olive Shoppe

Loving my new JC boots from Lulu's very muchos,

I didn't really think this outfit out, it was just a easy go and I wanted to wear it with loads of slacked on necklaces.. but guess what.. In all the flurry of getting ready it wasn't the keys that went missing but the necklaces!! I just couldn't find the lot and didn't had enough time to go on a cluedo hunt for the
disappearance of the jewelry, it's like having a vanishing cabinet in my room... oh well


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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Wildfox Fox box tee, Je T'Aime Dylan T, Hunter box box tee and the Love potion SS crew neck tee

My new and much anticipated Wildfox goodies came in

My God, the fabrics of these tees are body hugging, that comfortable and the cut gives a very effortlessly easy look. I.Love.Wildfox.

ps. Dinosaur Cuff Giveaway still open (few more days)

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Monday, March 21, 2011


I'm wearing; Lucyd Acyd asymmetrical blouse, Zara trousers and shoes (seen here) Ebay Satchel

Wearing my new Zara goodies with one of Lucyd Acyd's awesome designs (the asymmetrical blouse)
I found the satchel on Ebay for about $10, it's proportions are perfect but the material however is a nasty cheap faux suede, they sell them in real leathers too and I'm really contemplating buying one of those, I'm a bit hesitant how the colors will turn out though, it's always a bit tricky with those cheap production Ebay stores, for that buying a satchel from let's say Asos would be the save bet.


ps. Dinosaur Cuff Giveaway still open

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Friday, March 18, 2011


Rouge et Noir shredded shirt, Anywho Kobra jacket, plain black leggings, All Saints boots

Wearing my Rouge et Noir rib cage shredded shirt..
You know, I still can't get over how Sandra from 5inchandup styled the LIU shredded shirt, it's really one of my all-time favorite looks and I would love to try to dress up the shredded shirt into being more feminine chic the way she does, I love it so much! Waiting oh waiting for the weather to warm up..

Dinosaur Cuff Giveaway is still open for entries


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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Because I'm Boot Crazy

Jeffrey Campbell Chaplin Distressed Motorcycle Boot from

I'm really crazy about boots, I have been rotating between my Frye, Blackstone and All Saints boots all year, walking them to pieces...

I was really looking for a replacement bootie for my Frye engineers
, I wanted a boot that was lower then the engineers and a bit more grungy (almost a bit more like these all saints boots) to wear with dresses and leggings.

I really love the chunk silver hardware
and the fact that I can style the boot into looking vintage or more sleek by simply adding them to floral and floaty dresses or an all black outfit where the boots look suddenly less vintage but more sharp and modern with the silver exposed side zipper becoming so prominent.
I'm soooo going to set them against my sequined leggings haha

ps. Check out my Dinosaur Skeleton Cuff Giveaway


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