Monday, May 30, 2011

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Friday, May 27, 2011


New Ballerina Flats from IT shoes, Long length tutu skirt and silk top both from the H&M

These Ballet flats from independent label IT shoes are so elegant and give such a sophisticated French look with their simplicity and quality. Bravo to designer Isis Alarcon, I'm a Fan!! Of course I had to start right away with pulling outfits together, funny how shoes can inspire me for styling looks haha somehow I call these my Audrey Hepburn shoes..


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Wednesday, May 25, 2011



I'm loving KILLDARLING's first collection! and Love the Video! (Candy colored silk dresses ~ yum yum)

I think what Sam wrote about her label and collection says it all;
(plus I like the story haha)

"Killdarling is clothing for tea parties and after parties. For trips to Paris and trips to the mailbox.It is for the girl who has had enough of rainbows, unicorns and Prince Charming. For the girl who doesn't care if she loses a shoe at the ball. For the girl who throws the other shoe at Prince Charming, takes off with the hot valet guy who parked her pumpkin carriage, and heads with him to the afterparty. Barefood. Killdarling is made for mischief and adventure."

hmmmm.... does this sound like something we would do? I would say "hell yeah"

You can check out the LOOKBOOK and SHOP HERE


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Monday, May 23, 2011

Lace and Lacquer

I'm wearing; Shop Akira lace shorts, Alexander Wang blouse, Veronique Branquinho black blouse, Zara shoes, Lucette bag, La Dama faux fox tail and ysl-look-a-like ring

Wearing my new lace shorts from Shop Akira.
Thanks to my spring wardrobe cleaning I found the lacquer Zara shoes, A. Wang and Veronique Branquinho blouses somewhere hidden in boxes!

I used to wear the Branquinho blouse with everything a few years ago (something I will doing again hehe) Both the blouses were bought at consignment shop Tokio 7 (in New York) The Zara shoes are from seasons ago and back them I worn them only once, they were kind of a miss-buy but right now I'm so happy I didn't got rid of them!


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Friday, May 20, 2011

Affordable versions

Cross knuckle ring from La Dama ($32)
YSL look-a-like Gold Coral ring from La Dama
Book; Goddess, the classical mode by The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Wooden step from Ikea
Wall art from Urban Outfitters

DIY fur bag by Micol from
Fringe Shawl from Urban Outfitters
Tin Storage can/bin from Pols Potten

Affordable versions of the much coveted rings.. Seriously I was ready to break the bank for the real YSL ring but they were sold out everywhere and besides I kind of like to fake it every now and then ;)

Plus some first snaps from my new place, here you can see I mix my interior from Ikea and Urban Outfitters to some designer pieces like for example Pols Potten, and yes the Mongolian diy fur bag is doing double duty as bag, pillow, decor haha


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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In the mail...

ShopAKIRA lace shorts and ruffle tunic, DIY fur bag and DIY YSL palais mohawk pumps by Micol from

My past week consisted of; Moving, Ikea, moving again, back to the Ikea, assembling an Ikea Pax wardrobe which literally took the whole day to mount together and which investment means eating peanut butter for the rest of the month, ha ha.. I'm still waiting for the H&M curtains to come in and then I'm almost all set! I'm so happy how everything looks!!

The high-lights of the week were some of the amazing packages that came in! they totally made up for the horrible mounting of the Ikea wardrobe :)

The shopAKIRA lace shorts and ruffle dress/tunic are both from Akira's Black Label and really beautifully and well made, I'm in love with the materials and the perfect shade of cream! I already planned out like 5 different outfits with them haha

The diy Mongolian fur bag and the diy YSL palais mohawk pumps are sent to me by Italian blogger Micol Zanzuri from who did an amazing diy with feathers to make the idea her own and who gives tutorials on all her designs for a TV show called Fashion Attack seen here.
I love Micol, her vibe and videos make me happy and I'm drooling over her diy's!!

The other packages that arrived are as delicious as these and I can't wait to share them in a post but first.. the last bits of moving are today and then I can finally enjoy my new little home!!


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Monday, May 16, 2011

Not so Glassy

I'm wearing; Wildfox Tee, H&M sweatpants, lace socks and shoes, glasses from buffalo exchange

Sweatpants always instantly change when combined with heels, sandals, ballet flats and even boots, one thing is for sure though; I always skip sneakers when wearing them! (it's kind of my sweatpants golden rule)

Mostly I like to make soft knitty looks with these comfy trousers but today I felt like going a bit retro by adding the glasses, the socks and the wooden-like sandals, just trying something new.


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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Yum Yum

photo 1; Yum Yum the mouse with "the cherry blossom girl for miss Etam" tote
photo 2; roses by maegamimami
photo 3; by the Cherry Blossom Girl

I don't even do Yum Yum justice with this photo, she's such a pretty mouse and really sweet. Normally I like to photograph in daylight but my little Siamese friends (Yum Yum and Stevie) don't agree on daylight..

So I had to adjust myself to evening shots without a flash!! eek, it's something that I'm not used to do and since these two like to move around at night it's very hard to get a good shot haha!! I think I tried every setting on my Camera and most photos only showed a tail or a beige colored woosh..

Yum Yum really liked to play peek-a-boo in, under and on top of the Cherry Blossom Girl for miss Etam bow tote that just arrived (a mouse with good taste)


ps. As much as I love my little critters they really shouldn't be kept as pets, for all reasons possible!! They shouldn't be caged but roam free and for people; they seriously carry an unbearable smell, seriously!!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lace trimmed shorts

Very FashionToast and Heart+Bleecker; (Silk) Lace trim shorts
(and very high on my shopping wishlist)

Net-A-Porter Carine Gilson silk-satin shorts $510
Net-A-Porter Lover Lace trimmed silk shorts $325
Net-A-Porter Emma Cook Silk -georgette shorts $230
Free People Micro Tap shorts (in black and nude) $48
Free People Lacey Layering Skort (in black, ice blue and ivory) $58


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