Saturday, January 7, 2012

Top 10 Fashion Blogger Floral Shirts

(photo by Fashion Nerdic)

I guess I have to use the word "Celine" at least one time in this weeks fashion Blogger Top 10 since this Top 10 is all about the Celine inspired florals (yes, the floral suit, seen here) and part of a suit is of course a shirt! 

Can you imagine how happy we all were when the  Zara brought us a delicious Floral-Celine-look-a-like shirt? Yes, very Happy! and can you imagine how happy I was when I found exactly 10 Fashion Bloggers wearing this same shirt? yes, very Happy (double joy)!(uhm 11 by now)

1) Park&Cube

I'm a big fan of Shini's Floral Shirt look! The way the blouse peeps out from under the big knit and heavy woolen coat is just beautiful! (Oh.. and maybe the Pastel color combination has something to do with my big love as well)

2) Fashion Nerdic

Ilanka really knows how to style Zara's shirt (and florals in general for that matter!) I love her photos and love the combination of the blouse with the H&M trend floral trousers, most delicious is the floral collar peeping out from under the mohair knit! yum yum!

3) Where Did U Get That!

Karen really knows her way around florals as well, so to me it was no surprise she would look amazing in the Zara shirt and look brilliant in the floral shirt/trousers combination!

4) the Haute Pursuit

Vanessa looks great in bontanicals. period. I'm still very much in love with her tropical pants look seen here!

5) Fashion Toast

It looks like Rumi is standing in the florals natural habitat? I'm not sure because I'm not a flower expert by a long mile but I do expect the flowers on this Zara shirt to pop up on these photos backgrounds any minute now!

6)Personal Uniform

My new favorite blog! So much inspiration!! I love Sophia's fearless mixing and matching!

7) Chic Muse

I have great expectations!!

8) Fashion Vibe

The Zara florals looking gorgeous on Zina!

9) Purple Wang

Loving the florals with the maxi sheer skirt!!

10) Just Like Sushi
Joy wears the blouse in a beautifully simple and classic way!

11) Sania Claus

Last and absolutely not least; Sania Claus!
Loving loving loving the full flower look with the Rodebjer Jacket, YSL lipstick and black draped scarf. The YSL (Rouge) lipstick seems to the perfect shade for the florals by far!




aw i love these styles!!!!!floral shirts seem to be good items to easily go with anything!


Dominika said...

the shirt is really nice!
LOVE it!
and i just LOVE your 'top 10' posts! they're amazing!

Fashion Philosophy

Kb said...

Ah, really gutted this shirt sold out before I could buy it! Luckily my Mum has found a vintage version I can steal from her! I really like that you do these sort of posts to mix things up a little.

Joy. // said...

OMG! I'm in the list! Thank you! :)

Justalazymorning said...

i really love purple wang!!
love this selection!!

Tine said...

Totally love those!

UneDandizette said...

Wow, that's very inspiring! I have a floral blose and now I know how to wear it in winter, thanks :)

Une Dandizette

graphitree said...

great! xx

Kim AllAboutTheStyle said...

Super leuk !! Ik vind je blog echt heel erg mooi

The Fashion Cloud said...

great post, it was actually my trend post for next week but i think you did a better job haha :)

Great work



FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

love this post!

btw, do you know who's the winner of nokia lumia contest?


Malu S♥ said...

Leuke post! :D
Check out my Stylish Confessions! ♥

Rouge Ratings said...

Love it!
Makes grandma chic again!

Rate it!
Rouge Ratings

fashion suicides said...

I really like the floral on floral print! I was planning to wear something a like for after my exams! That shirt is so beautiful! thank you Zara!


Love said...

Great links thanks for posting them.


Ms Glitzy said...

Love this post! There is one more blogger to add to your list:


Brigita said...

I mean, I love the floral shirts and pants, but isn't it a bit non interesting when all the bloggers wear the same shirts and pants? I think that this is one of the trends that you can get creative about! Like how many vintage wearing you can find with floral prints, and the biggest advantage of that would be that no one else would have the same shirt/pants/dress etc. Or you can sew something, or ask someone to sew something for you. Then it would be a design of yours and print by your choice. You know, it's very easy to go to Zara and buy something that the rest of the world has.
My favorites would be Sophia and Ilanka because they took those shirts to the next level.
xx Brigita

Keita said...

I think that second blogger is wearing shirt better)I like posts like this)

pantera said...

floral shirt - i'm still searching for the perfect one!
I love your personal style :)

Lilja said...

loving all of these looks! thanks for posting them :)

S. said...

Such great styles, all of them.

/ S /

Elisha(: said...

I love floral & this post!!!!<3

The Fancy Teacup said...

I love how the bloggers styled the shirt, but decided to go against the grain and buy a clutch with the same floral print from Asos instead. Lovely post!

MechanicalGirl said...

like it:)

Egle said...

I love that shirt! My fav looks are from Fashion Toast, Park&Cube and Where Did U Get That.

Dylana Suarez said...



SPYT said...

is it just me or are a lot of these essentially the same outfit (zara shirt and h&m trousers)? dont get me wrong i love me some zara but i just wish that some of these girls would show an awesome exciting NEW way to wear it instead of trying to replicate the runway look.

David Diaz said...

Love all of them! :D


cocorosa said...

Brigita and Spyt:

At first I thought so too but Ended up really liking to see this almost same look (shirt + pants) on different people! because I always thought people would look totally the same but actually right now I think they don't!

"clothing makes the man" is not perse right.. I think the person who wears the clothing makes the clothing/look! The bloggers still look different and stand out b/c of personality, hair, make-up, shoes etc etc! This whole idea kind of intrigues me :)


Sandra Merino said...

really like the posts you are doing! it's a great inspiration for other bloggers!

betty said...

love ur top 10 bloggers !! aiming to make it on the list one day ;)

thanks for sharing !!!

Dark Blue Stripes said...

I love this shirt.


Dark Blue Stripes

Carolina Sundell said...

Mazing post, you really out did yourself with this one. I love Fashion Nerdic the most.

Honorata said...

Thank you for this part of posts!Great!

Nadia said...

Still want this shirt as much as I did when I first saw it, so the Melbourne Zara (yes we only have one :( better have it in stock still)!!! Love the double floral, triple floral would be even better!

Ilanka Verhoeven said...

Erg leuk dear!


B. said...

Since I read more articles than usual in high fahsion magazines about floral shirts I was looking for them in several stores. But this one from Zara is the most beautiful one! I hope I will find it in a store in my city, too.
These photos from your Top 11 fashion bloggers are amazing, than usual. I love your "Top Tens".

Love, B.

The Fashion Philosophy said...

Really beautiful and stunning!

StyleKULTUR said...


Sophia said...

Wow, thank you for including me in this post and the huge compliment. It means a lot! You're top 10s are so inspiring as is your natural beauty! <3

the goorgeous said...

fabulous prints ♥

Plami said...

Greatness! ahh I also need this shirt in my life!


Cri said...

Oh yes, great post. Even with similar outfits, the bloggers personalized very well this shirt. I see many ways to wear this wonderful shirt, it is really wonderful!

Great job. Sorry for my bad english. Kisses,

Princess Angeles said...

I love the floral shirt!
Quite nice for Spring.

Trendy leodium said...

Alot of inspiration...i really love these floral mix!

Valentina said...

Life is a flower!

Ulia Ali said...

What a lovely shirt! Love florals :)

View From Heels

Anonymous said...

Caroline Bloomst from in the Zara people dec week #4

Jay said...

Ooo Love this! Thanks for sharing.

Saskia Anggun CH said...

i need that floral shirt like right now please pretty please. i love how sophia from personal uniform mixed it with gold embellished jacket. looks haute!
i tried to mix floral with floral too, but with my old floral stuffs.
you can see my blog if you wanna see the pic. thanks xx

Mens Suits said...

That floral shirt is so adorable. I'm looking forward to seeing my wife wearing that dress.

fashion-hot said...

Love this shirt!!

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