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Top 10 Fashion Blogger HOTTEST Boyfriends


Of course it was only a matter of time before the uber important question of "which Fashion Blogger has the HOTTEST Boyfriend" would rise.

and no, this post was actually not my idea haha although I would love to take credit for it, this post was actually the idea of the Boyfriends themselves haha (yes, you Temoc!)Edited by me because the list would turn shady very quickly when the Boy's would edit the list themselves!

Check out the Hottest Fashion Blogger Boyfriends! Enjoy:)
(More fashion blogger boyfriend Top 10's here and here)

1) Richie (the Blonde Salad)

Hot Boyfriend number 1 would be Chiara Ferragni's Richie of course!

Photobucket Photobucket

2) Temoc Gonzalez (Sincerely Jules)

Hot Boyfriend number two; Julie's Temoc! I always love seeing Jules and Temoc because laughs and a good times will be assured!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

3) Wes Mason (Song of Style)

MaSONG hahaha
Beautiful Aimee's Boyfriend Wes is Hot Boy number 3!

Photobucket Photobucket

4) Bobby (Keiko Lynn)

Tattoos? Always good! Remember that I mentioned that Keiko Lynn's Bobby had quite the following of his own? Do check out his blog!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

5) Luke Shadbolt (Gary Pepper)

Nicole's very hot and talented photographer boyfriend Luke on number 5!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

6) Johannes Huebl (Olivia Palermo)
Olivia's very hot Model Boyfriend Johannes Huebl, I just love how they match outfits!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

7) Mattias Swenson (Fashion Squad)

A Beautiful couple! Carolina's boyfriend Mattias on number 7!

Photobucket Photobucket

8) Janne (5inchandup)

Sandra's Hot boyfriend Janne!


9) Alex (Fashion Vibe)

Zina's very handsome Boyfriend!

(photos by and Dilia Oviedo)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

10) Romeo (Love Aesthetics)

Probably the boyfriend with the best tattoo ever, Ivania's Romeo!

Photobucket Photobucket

11) Mr Morgan (Zanita)

Hmmmm, maybe there is something about Australian man, no? Photographer and fashion blogger Zanita's and her very handsome Husband looking gorgeous together!

Photobucket Photobucket

12) Abie (Man Repeller)

The Man that wasn't repelled! and non-repellable Man are Hot, makes me wonder what the opposite word of repellent would be? attractant?  Leandra showing off her attractant beau?




therealmalibu90265 said...

My have is Olivia Palermo's bf... hot, sexy and stylish!

Merve Yıldız said...

was a very nice article. :)

Inescapable mess said...


Lara Maria said...

I have to say that they are all not really my type though ;-(

Lisa said...

I just love bobby!

Loreleid said...

Wrong! My husband is the hottest :P

Paint me in the landscape

Flaviana Boni said...

Really nice post dear!

Dress Up For Armageddon

Rea Papathanasiou said...

heeey mine is the hottest! ^.^ check him out
Other than him, I think Lynn's Bobby and Sandra's Janne are the hottest ;) xx

Laura said...

Fun post


Marián said...

The best one is Olivia's boyfriend!

Anne said...

Such a fun post


AVY said...

Fun, Mattias looks good.


Fashiondacci Melbourne said...

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Fashiable said...

Oh, zitten hele mooie mannen tussen!

Natalie said...

How sweet

Corina Nika said...

Great TOP 10! Beautiful and inspiring people!


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Anonymous said...

Temoc!! Temoc!! Temoc!!! and Sincerely Jules are the cutest of all.

PYT IN PTY said...

I have such a couple crush on Olivia and Johannes!

Amanda Chic said...

It's so stylish!!! i love Olivia Palermo :)

A chic kiss ;)

Jocelyne Smit said...

Chiara's and Olivia's boyfriends are definitely HOT. But the others are not really my type though ;)

Hannah said...

aww olivia palermo is gorgeous to look at and she always looks immaculate but she seemed like such a bellend on the Hills


Millie Cotton said...

Olivia wins this one hands down!

It's a LDN Thing

Creativity&Chocolate said...

Die laatste foto van Leandra is echt gaaf, had haar trouwjurk wel gezien maar niet samen met haar man! x

Blogandthecities said...

Love this post! But my favourite is Olivia Palermo's!!! ( )

Zsú said...

haha, love this post. :)


Lolita in the Mix said...


-xoxo- lorena

Andrea Altahona Corvacho said...

So fun post, hahaha interesting top 10!


missc said...

Nice Post! You have good choice!


Marina Casapu said...

Palermo's bf is the hottest!!!!!

karin said...

Great post!! I didn´t know about them. I love Leandra´s wedding photo.Kisses from

Jennifer said...

Ooh great post! ;) Eye candy!

xo Jennifer

Claire said...

This post is so lovely i like it ! C

Opposite lipstick said...


Nesrin Bozlak said...

Haha really nice post! I think Olivia Palermo got the hottest boyfriend, but Riccardo deserves the first place too!!


Nesrin Bozlak said...

Haha really nice post! I think Olivia Palermo got the hottest boyfriend, but Riccardo deserves the first place too!!


Mira said...

They look all soooo cool. I hope you post more hot boyfriends <3



raemarlene said...

What beautiful and FASHIONABLE couples! Fashion is NOT just for women! It's for any one with creativity! Find your creativity at ! Enjoy!

klisabel said...

Bobby or Wes?? Wes or...Bobby?


Very fun post! It's always nice to see who are the bloggers boyfriends :)

Kristel Louisa said...

Such an interesting article!

John Edword said...

OMG!!Really cool post that was. Even i chose Palermo's bf hottest.Thank's for sharing interesting once.
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alwaysdevoted said...


unitedindividuals said...

Hahah love this post! Mooie mannen alert!

Tali M said...

After seeing all of them I still stick to my hubby - the handsomest man on Earth)))


Bodil Huisman said...

They are all very cute :)!


Irina said...

And what's about Caroline Blomst's boyfriend Daniel Troyse?)

Anonymous said...

on this list there is only 1 that stood out and the rest looks pretty similar to each other

The Fashion Writress said...

Hmm ik vind eerlijk gezegd echt 6 van de 10 absoluuuuut niet aantrekkelijk ^_^ Kwestie van smaak I suppose :)

Cathaysa said...

The most handsome man is Olivia Palermo's boyfriend.

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Justyna said...

Love this, but I have to nominate my own BF for the list, Joel:

(that's my <3)

great list! (loving op's bf's style!)

MAKIKS said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this article!
My favorite definitely: Keiko+Bobby <3
What a cute fashionable two!!! xoxx

Luisa M said...

Ohhhhh sigh...! Olivia's boyfriend <3

Rabia Shk said...


Haha really nice post! I think Olivia Palermo got the hottest boyfriend, but Riccardo deserves the first place too!!
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H, said...

They all make the most ridiculously good looking couples,but I do fancy Keiko Lynn's boyfriend the most :) x.

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