Saturday, November 3, 2012

Big Beautiful Hair Tutorials

(photos via pinterest)

I love big beautiful hair, whether it be in a lush 60s bouffant, a teased updo or with big curls! For a lot of us a full gorgeous locks don't come natural and for those who are blessed with thick hair it might be hard to keep the locks from weighing down and create some controlled chaos ;) So behold my favorite tutorials for big beaut Hair including the 2 tutorials I have been using for creating new voluminous waves myself! 

1) The Daily Desh ~ Hair Volume

I actually start off with a tutorial (and a lovely blog post) that isn't necessarily for me since I have naturally very fine and thin hair. This tutorial is for those with thick hair and want to create some order in the chaos! I do really love the result, it's kind of how I look after going to my hair stylist, who creates this look on my hair simply with some products and a blowdryer but I never managed to get the look right myself! (one day I will haha)


2) Kevin Murphy ~ Powder Puff

Here is where the Magic starts! I use the Kevin Murphy Powder Puff myself and I seriously love it, can't live without it! When using the powder on my roots (and after scrunching it up) there is volume! Like real volume, magic! Sometimes I do set the created volume with some hairspray and other days I just fluff it up a few times during the day! I discovered that by using the powder on more sections at the roots it created far more volume and with my fine hair I managed to be very close at a beaut big 60s hair at my very first try, wooha! I also use the powder before setting curls!

ps. Other powders are the Osis Dust it, Lanza Powder up and Big Sexy Hair Powder Play!


3) This Chicks Got Style ~ Bouncy Curls

For all those that asked me about my hair, It was Yara from thischicksgotstyle who started styling my hair in New York and was patient enough to teach me how to do it myself! I'm so happy she made this tutorial because I can honestly say (working with this myself) that its really good and dummy proof ;) In the end it so happens that I hadn't been paying enough of attention and haven't done my hair how I was supposed to be doing it haha but close enough ;) (I personally make a side section and use the powder puff instead of teasing!) Besides curls (obviously) this tutorial creates big voluminous hair for those like me with fine thin hair! Oh, and did I tell you that the curls really stay in place the whole day? Yes, they do!


4) Nasty Gal ~ Big Messy Waves

I think the easiest way to go for some volume are big "bedhead" messy waves! Personally I'm really hesitant to use spray wax but I am all about crunching my hair by making buns and then fixing them with hairspray! This tutorial might be the easiest to start off with but didn't created the magic effect I was looking for myself.


5) Modcloth Blog ~ Bouffant Hair

The Bouffant is big on my wish list and this is the tutorial I will use to try it myself, although I haven't thick hair! (I will start off with creating volume ~ and maybe some bedhead waves, with the Powder Puff and curl iron myself!) Basically for Big hair it's all about teasing your hair, maybe using sea salt spray and loads of hairspray but to be honest I always try to avoid these three at all costs myself and opt instead in on the powders, blow dryer and curl iron, oh I do use loads of hairspray actually but I use an equal amount of conditioner afterwards ;)

plus another beautiful bouffant tutorial:




barolucas said...

lovely post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥


Jeline said...

I love these! Thanks for sharing! :) x

Emily said...

This is great! I love all of these looks and sometimes I like to see how other people do it... thanks so much for sharing!


Liz Lauren said...

I've been wondering about this! love it!

sweet road said...

This is awesome. I have curly hair but sometimes it tends to fall flat on top, so I'm always looking for ways to get a bit more volume.

Luba Dimitrova said...

Awesome ! Great tutorial !

XX Luba

:: Well Living Blog ::

Laura van Rossum said...

Awesome hair tutorials! I love big hair<3

Nena said...

Great post!

Bodil Huisman said...

Gorgeous hairstyles, wish my hair had that much volume!!


Creativity&Chocolate said...

Geweldige inspiratie en perfect timing, wil iets met mn haar doen maar wat....xx

Jennifer said...

Love all that big hair!

xo Jennifer

FormulaFarah said...

Geweldige post!!! Dank je wel!

Liefs, Farah

Valentina Duracinsky said...



SG said...

I love this style.. remind me the wonderful fashion in the 20's

Pauline said...

lovely post I love big hair!

Carol said...

omg, cara is amazing!

Iliana, Anne said...

yes so lovely!


this is soo Lana,
would love to see this on you too

Stella said...

Love this style!

Stephanie said...

Amazing styles (;
i wish my hair could look like that, just sometimes :D

Love Stephanie

parfums said...

so nice blog . i like it
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Katty said...

lovelyy ! :)

Rebekah Wing. said...

big bouncy hair can look so classy and glamorous but stylish and extravagant as well. Absolutely love the messy one! :)


Hannah Skowronski said...

Woah these hairstyles are so sensual and beautiful! great for winter bed head hair! and the 60's style of it, to complete the look try out these cat eyes :


Nice post! :) Where do you buy your powder puff? Can I find it in Amsterdam you think? Thanks! xo

e-nsisters' blog said...

Lovely posttt!

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