Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Feel Good Food

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I'm a lover of of all things that make me feel good, my favorite time of the day is when I can wind down, cuddling up the couch with coffee, cookies and chocolate, doing my nails and watching movies during the evenings or weekend mornings. My new feel good, cozy, comfort food is a combination of my favorites; Lu- and Tuc Cookies and Milka chocolate! The Tuc Cookies add some salt to the sweet chocolate flavor which makes for such a great surprise while the Lu Milka Bars give me that typical Cookie-Chocolate taste that I love so much and which goes so well with that big bowl of Vanilla Ice Cream ;)

You should really try it yourself! Drop me a comment below and I might sent you one of Milka's Lu or Tuc bars  for you to try out! (see it as a belated Valentine's gift)

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Tyka said...

Oh, the best chocolate is with salted caramel *.* I wish I had some time to be lazy.

Pauline van S said...

I would love to try one of these chocolate bars <3
Please send me one hihi!



Maud Schellekens said...

Mmm.. Looks so good!


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Luba Dimitrova said...

Looks good but not healthy :(

XX Luba

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jessica said...

so yummy :)

Pauline said...

I wanna try TUC MILKA! <3

Natali said...

Milka chocolates are my personality's weakest link :D


fashionatlas said...

Would love to try please x

fashionatlas said...

Would love to try please x

Niki Caron said...

These look so good! I love the idea of mixing the sweet chocolate with the salty cracker. It sounds like a great pick me up!!

Amy said...

leuke actie! Ik wil graag proeven!

Romzs said...

Cookies + Milk chocolate? I think that's probably the best combination EVER! I would love to try this out, but sadly, this isn;t available in my country. Ahhh Amazon it is..

J. said...

Also one of my fav chocolates <3

Laura said...

Yummie yummie yummie I got love in my tummy... :-D

Diah Koesoebjono said...

Yummie would love to try a bar....sounds like a strange combination, but definitely worth a shot. You''l never know before you try.

Thanks for sharing in this guilty chocolate pleasure,

http://haveaswiminacalmsea.blogspot.nl by Diah

Mariliis said...

Oh, I LOVE Milka chocolate, I wish we had these flavours available where I live!

Ivona said...

Yes please, looks delicous!

Reb said...

mmmm...it looks delicious ;)

.F a s h i o u r n a l i s t: said...

Seriously? In poland there's no Lu milka! Its only delicious daim and oreo, but I would like to to try LU! <3

Camille said...

I've never heard of that ! :o Your offer is so sweet !

Bonnie Clyde Marni said...

The look more than temptating!!!!!


Anne R said...

I wish we had Milka Lu in my country. I've tried very similar chocolate before, but different brand though. It was good. Milka must be awesome! :)

Liberty Georgina said...

Are they new? They look absolutely delicious!
I need to find somewhere and hope that they sell Milka in England!
Beautiful photos! :)

Jennifer said...

Those are yummy!

xo Jennifer


Malu Swartjes said...

yummm! Die van Lu lijkt me het lekkerst :)
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Discover my Stylish Confessions♥

Jenny Zhang said...

i don't think they have them in the US! i'd love to try one, they look so good~

Alice said...

You had me at chocolate!
Doing things that make me feel good is the absolute best. If only I could sit around at home all day just relaxing, watching movies, reading good books, and enjoying plenty of delicious chocolate! That would really be the life :)

Those chocolates and those cookies look way too yummy. I don't think I've ever tried either of them before since I haven't seen them in the US.
It would be so fun to try them! They look too yummy for words :D

Hope your week is off to a nice start <3


DNA (designers+artists) said...

Not only do they look pretty, but also delicious!


Airin HeartMade said...

Milka+LU=TrueLove!!! *_*


Vienna Wedekind said...

hungry now.
Heartbeats from //VIENNA WEDEKIND//

InstyleDeals said...

Ive never tried Milka chocolate before, something ill have to put on my bucket list! I love your blog, your posts are so refreshing and inspirational! I love spending down time reading and watching movies, huge movie buff. Along with relaxing to some good music. Looking forward to your next blog.



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