Saturday, April 13, 2013

Favorite Fishtail and Waterfall Braid tutorials

 photo fishtailandwaterfallbraids-1_zpsad03b48b.jpg
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I have collected my favorite Fishtail and Waterfall Braid tutorials over a bit of time for getting those beautiful pretty, romantic, sometimes simple and even sloppy undone looks! Often these Braids look far more complicated then they really are and I have found that the tutorials collected are the most easy and fun to work with while giving inspiration for future more complicated fishtail and waterfall braid fun in updo's and working in multiple sections! 


1) the Fishtail Braid

First things first, Lauren Conrad shows us how to do the fishtail braid in a few easy steps. I found this video really the best and most easy tutorial for mastering (and beginning the "art-of") the fishtail braid! 

2) Fishtail Braid picture Tutorial

For when the video above is not enough or you like photo tutorials more in general! This beautiful tutorial explains the fishtail braid in easy to follow steps. (And yes, for that big, fat and sloppy look in the 1st picture above you can distress/tease/pull apart the fishtail braid!)

 photo fishtail-braid-wedding-hairstyles-for-long-hair-tutorial_zps82fcf2b6.png

3) Half sloppy fishtail braid

Refinery 29's slideshow shows us how to get this perfect half sloppy fishtail including how to get those sexy beach waves!

 photo 17-style2-11_zps4d49eb31.jpg

4) Waterfall Braid

This Waterfall Braid is so pretty and perfect in every way!

 photo diy-waterfall-braid-tutorial_zps53194098.jpg  photo waterfall-braid-wedding-hairstyles-for-long-hair2_zps7a048594.jpg

5) Waterfall Braid Video Tutorial 

This beautiful video from Boat People Boutique shows how to do the Waterfall braid almost similar like the tutorial above but a tiny wee bit different. I also found it really helpful to have a video supporting the photo tutorial above to get the Waterfall braid right!

 photo b10800e9ba19d2d5cdccae730876e16e_zps594c1373.jpg

6) The Triple Braid

The Triple Braid is easy to do and kind of fakes that fat pulled apart sloppy fishtail or even a weaved hair and that's why I love it so much!

 photo Hair-Romance-triple-braid-tutorial_zpscd32badb.jpg

7) Half done Fishtail Braid

One of my favorite fishtail hair-do's is the half done fishtail braid! And while I couldn't find the exact tutorial leading to this look the above knowledge plus the below tutorial should be enough to lead us right to it ;)

(no credits found)

 photo halffishtailbraid_zpsa1a2257f.jpg  photo halffishtailbraid-1_zpsd4ff9105.jpg



bestrong said...

interesting post :)
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Mancina said...

deffinately one of my fav posts. will try some of them!! tnx =)

Camille said...

Gorgeous tutorials

Miss Ecl said...

So cool! Can't wait for try them :P

Somebody said...

love this!

Zoe P said...

Amazing, I've wanted to know how to do these plaits for ages


I V Y said...

i wish i could do this with my hair! NEED TO HAVE LONG HAIR AGAIN


blog mode Laura said...

Thank you for all the great hairstyles ideas! I love braids of all kind!

Francesca Giagnorio said...

I love too :D

Théa Unknown said...

Great post!


Eva said...

Echt prachtige tutorials allemaal, ik zou willen dat ik wat handiger was met mijn eigen haar! xx

amalie said...

i love braids!! fishtail especially xx

Anna Black said...

I love the waterfall fishtail braid, it looks so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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Raluca Vintilescu said...

i love your blog and your style and you are in my top 10 fav bloggers

fashion415 said...

Thanks for posting, such a gorgeous hair tutorial!

Love your blog!

Hannah Layford said...

love those waterfall braids! They look so pretty!

Hannah xx said...

There is so much braiding going on, Rapunzel is hating right now.
Kalyca Romeo


3girls1apple said...

Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

SJ B said...

I just posted on braids as well! Fabulous way to keep your hair out of your face in the Summer months! Great post!

Constance said...

Amazing post! I'm gonna try!

Xeana said...

Great post! I like the different braids!


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Darren said...

I'll have to try them all out on my twin girls.
While my friends are out watching the F1, I as a single dad end up spending the day with the girls doing things like trying to put a French Twist in their hair. :( nah! kidding! It's great fun.

shruti jain said...

awsome post..surely gonna try these...
thnx for sharing...

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