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Top 10 Fashion Bloggers from Amsterdam

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photo by AfterDRK

Today's Fashion Blogger Top 10 is another Country list (remember the Top 10 Fashion Bloggers from LA list). It's called the Netherlands or Holland (windmills, tulips and cheese) but they are called Dutch, so confusion aside I keep it at Amsterdam since everyone knows Amsterdam! The Dutch style often seems influenced by the Scandinavian style but there is so much more to it! Look closely at the list and you see that this week brings some of it's own power bloggers and that there is such a thing as a Dutch Style and Signature!

1) Style Scrapbook

Andy is Mexican but of course also our most famous Amsterdam based blogger! Her style is a mix of everything like Amsterdam itself!

 photo lastbefore1_zps688f665d.jpg

2) After DRK

Sabrina's blog is another very well know Dutch Blogger!

 photo thumb_zps0cfabd38.jpeg

3) Love Aesthetics

Ivania's blog is world wide known and for a reason! Her style and diy's are amazing and she often shows the best (and absolutely upcoming talents) with reports on the Artez graduation shows and Moba and with that her Dutch roots!

 photo loveaestheticsmycos00_zps53f09a67.jpeg

4) this Chick's got Style

Amsterdam based Yara her blog is really like her, spontaneous and upbeat! Her style is an eclectic mix of everything and I love how she works with prints!

 photo a2_zps1e649ed9.jpg


Known for her never boring black looks and endless collection of killer Alexander Wangs!

 photo cottds3005133_zps58847136.jpg

6) cocorosa

Yes... I had to put myself in this list too hahahaha since I'm after all often blogging from the Netherlands too ;)

 photo cocorosa-whiteandboots-10_zpsde0cd8e5.jpg

7) Liza Chloe

I adore Liza Chloe's style, this Dutch lady, right now in Paris has a style that I see as a perfect mix of Scandinavian cool with Parisian Chic!

 photo LIZACHLOE_FOCUS_zps3b47b55b.jpg

8) the World looks Red

One of my favorite bloggers who always does her own thing!

 photo 0IMG_7913_zpscce33fa0.jpg

9) Fashion Nerdic

Ilanka's blog is very Architecture like, which might not be a surprise when living in a City like Rotterdam!

 photo Fashionnerdic_zps1d220c59.jpg

10) Lizzy vd Ligt

Lizzy's style is upbeat and eclectic too! Def a Dutch blogger to keep your eye on!

 photo IMG_1669_zps3f5d592d.jpg

11) Fashion Zen

Another Dutch blogger that I adore, Iris her looks are often a perfect mix of vintage/retro with the latest trends!

 photo 8950463999_09b0551469_o_zps0d7ef855.jpg

12) Lovely by Lucy

Living very close to me is Lucy! Her collection of killer sneakers is amazing and her looks often have that sport/ chic feel mixed with a bit of Scandinavian cool!

 photo quilted-bomber-jacket-over-shoulders-easy-look-710x780_zps13ccb5f3.jpg

13) Mode d'Amour

Annemiek has perfect minimalistic looks and an amazing eye for detail and putting looks together!

 photo IMG_7153_zpsf215019c.png

14) Fash n' Chips

A new blog that I have been watching lately! Christine translates things she sees on the runway to everyday life and that makes her blog so interesting!

 photo White-slouch-fash-n-chipscom-1_zps323620b2.jpg



Mariana said...

Loved this post! You have great bloggers in this list, I specially love Style Scrapbook, you and Lovely Lucy!
You should do a post on Portuguese Fashion Bloggers as well, we have great talent that isn't very known internationally so it could be interesting for your readers to get to know new blogs! If you want to do so write me a comment at my blog or email me at and I can name a few for you to look at :)

I love this Top10Bloggers posts, never stop doing them please!

Natali said...

2,4 and 6 are my fave ones! Keep up the great blog girl :)

Lillian Chaton said...

Nice list :)! A lot of my favorites are in there too!!

XOXO Lillian Chaton

Carol said...

wondering why you're keep naming these post top 10 haha...but of course- amazing selection again :) looking forward for the next one !

Shavit said...


Iwona said...

Cool post! Very interesting:) I greet:)

Camille said...

Netherlands has amazing bloggers
Don't miss the Essie giveaway on my blog

Laura lexo said...

Lots of good bloggers in Amsterdam :)



Patricia G. said...

Looove Andy and Fashion and chips, and off course you, you know :)

Lyn said...

echt tof dat je zo van die lijstjes maakt ! zo leer je bloggers kennen die je nog niet kende, altijd leuk :)

Eva (Creativity and Chocolate) said...

Ik volg ze bijna allemaal, geweldige lijst! xx


Marloes | The Style Sandwich said...

Inderdaad allemaal geweldige bloggers! Mooie lijst! :) X

Brenda evans said...

i love afterdrk and you <3

Mafalda said...

I follow most of them, I'm French and absolutely not inspired by French blogs. I find English or Nordic bloggers much cooler.

Charlotte said...

Cindy ♥ I am so so inspired by Amsterdam blogger! I visit so many of the blogs you listed daily !

Ellen said...

It's amazing how many great fashion bloggers there are in Amsterdam.

Opposite lipstick said...




Lust Covet Desire said...

You always make the best lists! There's a few new ones here that you've introduced so thanks!

Ricky said...

Loved these - Lucy is so cute!

You should make a top 10 German bloggers (and count me in haha) but really, there are some talented girls over here in Germany (Berlin/Hamburg/Munich) as well - worth checking out :)

Have a lovely day, Chantal and thanks for this list!

x Ricarda

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

you dutch ladies are way ahead of us, way ahead!

Stephanie X said...

Great blogs!
xx Stephanie (

Katarina Chebenova said...

another amazing post. I found few of this bloggers already, I just need to check rest of them.

Miška said...

Thanks for sharing, amazing bloggers <3

33 said...

Love Sabrina and Lucy!!! They are the best!

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