Sunday, February 23, 2014

10 Blogs to Follow Now

 photo 12069134996_3a3bb8a6f1_b_zps1254a5be.jpg
Image via Paris in Four Months

I have so many favorite blogs, many of which are very well known like wishwishwish and Gary Pepper but some of my "must follow gems" are a bit less known but absolute "follow musts" so I wanted to dedicate a separate post to highlight them. I hope you will love them as much as I do!
Check out this weeks 10 Blogs to Follow Now!

1) Paris in Four Months 

Most of you will know Paris in Four Months but for those who don't...  I can get completely lost on Carin's beautiful instagram and blog, like a slow read I can browse and browse for hours looking at her gorgeous photos, an absolute follow must!

 photo 11210646104_da29ae4f68_b_zpsb4b5d5cb.jpg  photo 12069134996_3a3bb8a6f1_b_zps1254a5be.jpg

2) the Golden Diamonds 

I quickly became a big fan of Doina's beautiful looks and outfits and keep this amazing girl closely on my radar!

 photo IMG_6169_zpse9b7ec04.jpg  photo IMG_61941-728x667_zps550c3a8f.jpg

3) We Wore What 

From the heart of NYC Danielle is a busy bee and right on the latest trends, for a fashion fashion blog she's one of my favorites right now as I love the unforced raw daily dose of fashion she feeds.

 photo 5-camp-jumpsuit-weworewhat_zpsad64a114.jpg

4) Kristen Glam 

Another NYC blogger. Kristen does her own thing on her own pace and gives me awesome new ideas and inspiration!

 photo IMG_7106_zps4b6255dd.jpg

5) Cup of Herbal Tea 

Sonya's beautiful quaint personal and travel posts read like the perfect slow read!

 photo 808955_original_zpsec2b138e.jpg  photo 909619_original_zpsfb4530a0.jpg  photo 933719_original_zps827199bc.jpg  photo 911174_original_zps930a06b2.jpg

6) Making Magique 

I have been a fan of Haleigh's blog for a while! I love her posts and photography!

 photo 12378714693_a24eb3184c_b_zps5649e4da.jpg  photo 12377865393_ec185d083b_b_zpsb2e065ef.jpg

7) Billierose 

I love Rosanna's blog and I'm always looking forward to her Insta Diaries!

 photo 2ad1cfc9d3a9e33015f3f333af98ffc2_zps5bf1e34f.jpg

8) We the People Style  

Jessie's "We the People" has become a daily must read!

 photo wethepeople_pinkjumper_london1_zps463b1127.jpg

9) With Love from Kat 

Another blog that I have been following for inspiration in looks lately!

 photo jcrew_zps55540924.jpg

10) Soophisticated 

Everything about Sofie's blog just fits perfectly. I love her minimal posts and photos and Sofie never fails to give a good dose of inspiration  and ideas!

 photo soophisticated-leatherjacket2_zpsb77f9281.jpg


Wildflower Of Prague said...

Thank you for this post! Gave me some new bloggers to obsess over hahah! xx

Dominique Candido said...

indeed, thank you for this post ! :)


Fashion Musings Diary said...

They look awesome! Must check them ASAP!

Jessica Rose said...

Will ear mark to I haven't heard of some of these lovely ladies.

Rougeuse said...

Not all of them are my favorites, but the top 5 is really good! :)

Simona Valentová said...

Thanks for a tips <3
Like always you inspire me and I am fan of some new amazing bloggers !

Maja inwithdnew said...

Really thought I would be in here. :P
Love some of them, checking out the rest! :) thank you

Maja inwithdnew said...

Really thought I would be in here. :P
Love some of them, checking out the rest! :) thank you

Simplybeautifulelegant said...

great post!

Fancy Melody said...

Thanks for sharing so many wonderful blogs!

Laura lexo said...

Great post!


Paris in Four Months said...

Thank you so much for the very sweet mention! I truly appreciate it :)

x Carin

Camille said...

Those blogs are all great

Mariska O said...

Ohhh thanks for sharing!! The second one is new for me, and she is great!!

Eva (Creativity and Chocolate) said...

Wonderful blogs! Didn't knew all of them so definitely going to take a look! xx

Christel Bezemer said...

nice post, some new blogs for me :-)

Xo Chris

rachel said...

AWESOME picks. Def crushing on a lot of these, too!

Sofie said...

Ahhh thanks a billion for mentioning my blog! You're the sweetest! xx Sofie |

Vire-tue-elle said...

Bonne selection ;)

♥♥ ♥♥

Jennifer Sam said...

Thanks for the selection, it's just so inspirating!
You could have a look on mine, you might like it, hopefully:

Mackenzie Mancuso said...

I love this. Thank you so much for this post!

xoxo, Kenzie

Justalazymorning said...

nice selection!!
but they're a nit too fancy for me ;-)

Sasa Zoe said...

Yea, they are all awesome! Thank you for sharing:) <3

New on

Charmystique said...

Thank you for this! I've added some of this blogs to my daily reading list.

clarice said...

lovely photos!Thanks for the selection, it's just so inspirational!

Michelle said...

grreat list!

Eleanor said...

oooh these blogs all look amazing- going to check them all out and, lets be real, probably follow every one of them!! :)

Yukiko Tan said...

Amazing list! Thank you so much for this!

Yukiko Tan said...

Amazing list! Thank you so much for this!

B. said...

Thank you so much for that post. I checked out almost half of your must reads and I am hooked. Beautiful blogs, beautiful Instagram accounts. The best inspiration one can get. xx

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