Friday, March 7, 2014

Mix, Match and Color Blocking

 photo cocorosa-bodenusa-3_zps20b632c0.jpg

I have been falling in love with mixing, matching and color blocking, and all in a very subtle "cocorosa" way of course. A simple add of a bright color like red, green, yellow or fuchsia in accessories adds such a spark of contrast and color to pastel and soft white looks. A bright red tote can complete a look into perfection as I found out. 

My whole introduction to my single accessory color splashes came when I received an email from Boden and I found myself pleasantly surprised by continually peeking into the site loving the soft pink with red combinations in looks, mint colors set against bold stripes and splashes of yellow that started to grow on me. Now, I'm much more of a soft dreamy pastel girl and less of a color blocking queen like Gary Pepper's Nicole or Atlantic Pacific's Blair but a bright accessory here and there, bold stripes in voluminous silhouettes or bright jumpers set against my pastel looks...hmmmm I'm more than willing to try.

in the collage: Light Blue Jumper, Red Trousers, Pink Jumper, Yellow Jumper, Mint Trousers, Striped Slingbacks, Striped Cardigan, Mint Bowling Bag, Green Tote, Red Coat, Color Block Flats, Striped Skirt, Yellow Coat, Silver Tote, Yellow Bowling Bag, Fuchsia Tote

ps. Code D47Q gives 20% off selected items plus free shipping from now through March 23, 2014


Q said...

I love the stripes.x

AVY said...

The last skirt is very cute.

/ Avy

Dominique Candido said...

all lovely items! :)


Jessica Rose said...

The block jumpers are lovely..

Sasa Zoe said...

Awesome picks:) <3

New on

Marta said...

Great selection! Love the skirt!

Rach Dulay said...

Love it all!

ediot said...

so many cute items here. thanks for sharing
love color block too
happy weekend girl

Camille said...

Perfect items

Simplybeautifulelegant said...

great post.

Laura lexo said...

cool stuff


Milex said...

Lots of love.

Banaz Palani said...

That's a lot of color this spring! I'm totally in love with the mint green however. Very fresh.

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